Spider-Man: Miles Morales gets a PS5 gameplay trailer and a November 12th release date

Sony has shown its first gameplay demo for the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales, With a release date: it will be Launch with PlayStation 5 On 12 November.

The game was set a year after Insomniac’s previous events Spider Man The title will put players in the shoes of Miles Morales as a completely heroic web-slinger with new abilities and powers.

In the footage, Miles faces off against a new villian, Tinkler, in footage specifically designed to feature fancier lighting and particle effects that the PlayStation 5 can offer on the original. Spider Man From PlayStation 4.

New footage also shows how Miles’ combat as Spider-Man will be different from that of Peter Parker in the previous game, with new attractive poison-blasting abilities and a rechargeable camouflage for Stealth (which is a cool-down Seems to stop. The player from abusing it.)

Roughly, though, the game strongly resembles the PS4 original, swinging from web-slinging to combat acrobatics against a range of enemies and navigating the surrounding environment. There are also occasional quick-time events for big cinematic moments, such as Miles shaking the two halves of a destroyed bridge together.

In addition to the new gameplay trailer, Sony also provided more details for the release Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Which will be available at Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. (The new gameplay trailer, however, is exclusively for the version of the PlayStation 5 game.)

Sony also announced that it will release Spider-Man: Miles Morales Final Edition For PlayStation 5, which will include a remastered version of the original PS4 Spider Man It will improve many of the similar reforms coming Miles Morales, Including updated character property, ray-detected reflections, faster load times, and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Both the PS4 and PS5 will cost $ 49.99, or for $ 69.99 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Final Edition.

Update September 16, 4:30 pm Add additional details Spider-Man: Miles MoralesPS4 release and remodel Spider Man For PS5.

Update September 16, 5:15 pm Additional release date information added.