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Spider-Man looks spectacular on the PS4 Pro

The information dump of Spider-Man was significant this week, including the most important release date release .

Not only has a ton of new information emerged on the exclusive PS4, but also in new media, including a trio of incredible screenshots showing how good it looks Spider-Man .

More specifically, the new screenshots fresh out of the PS4 Pro oven, showing PlayStation players the power of the Sony console.

One of the three new images presents some combats and shows the player's ability to interact with environments in interesting and strategic ways. to bring down the enemies. Another shows Spidey doing what he does best: swinging from the buildings of Manhattan. And the last one presents the carefree attitude of Spider-Man on an urban horizon.

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  spiderman 2" title = "spiderman 2" height = "368 "width =" 655 "data-item =" 1099996 "/></figure><p> As you can see, the screenshots have a resolution of 4K, so you'll need a 4K television to see such good images when you play.</p><p> <em> Spider-Man </em> is scheduled to launch on September 7 exclusively for PS4. Developer Insomniac Games has confirmed that the title will remain exclusive to PS4, which means that it will never reach Xbox One or any other console. The pre-orders for the game are now live, and come pack a custom theme, a skin pack and more. A price point starts at $ 59.99 USD.</p><p> You can read more about the game below, courtesy of an official elevator address via Sony:</p><p> Starring one of the wo The Spider-Man of Marvel & # 39; s Spider-Man, the hero most emblematic of rld, presents the acrobatic skills, improvisation and swing on the web for which the wall-crawler is famous, while presenting elements never before seen in a Spider-Man game. From traversing with parkour and unique environmental interactions, to new matches and box office action, it's Spider-Man unlike any you've played before.</p><p> Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games and Marvel have teamed up to create a new and authentic Spider-Man adventure. This is not the Spiderman you have met or seen before. This is an experienced Peter Parker who is most masterful in the fight against the great crimes in New York City. At the same time, he is struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career as the fate of millions of New Yorkers rests on his shoulders.</p><p></p></div><p> .<br /> <br /><script async src=
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