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Spider-Man: Away from home, still perched on the US box office UU Films

The great Marvel giant (that would be Avengers: end of the game for anyone who has forgotten, he could have escaped the top 10 box office in America while continuing his slow progress towards AvatarThe record, but the studio still has a hero like Sony's collaboration. Spider-Man: away from home remained in the first place for a second weekend, earning $ 45.3 million according to the study's estimates.

That raises the total domestic of people living in the friendly neighborhood network to $ 274.5 million and good returns from abroad, has a global route of $ 847 million, with the way to cross a billion dollars in sight.

Corporate owners of Disney will also be happy that Toy Story 4 it has also remained in place, adding $ 20.6 million for a total of $ 346 million in the United States so far after four weeks at launch. You have to go to the third place to find the first of the new releases of the week, with the crocodile horror movie. Crawl raising $ 12 million. Around the world, the movie has exceeded $ 16.8 million, and with a thrifty $ 135. million before marketing costs, it seems that it will do well.

Action comedy Stuber It did not fare so well, taking $ 8 million in the room despite appearing on a similar number of screens for toothy terror. That was enough to push Yesterday to the fifth with $ 6.7 million.

Aladdin He slipped one place, earning $ 5.8 million and Annabelle Comes Home was reduced to seventh and $ 5.5 million. Midsommar was eighth, earning $ 3.5 million, while The secret life of pets 2 He fell to the ninth with $ 3.1 million. Finally, at 10 we find the low performance. Men In Black: International, which raised $ 2.2 million and has earned only $ 76.4 million in the States (although international figures have increased it to $ 239.4 million).

One entry not in the top 10 but it's worth mentioning; emotional drama The farewell It was the indie who could this week, overcome a blackout in New York and win $ 351,330. It may not look like much, but it only opened on four screens and actually reached an average per screen of $ 87,833, which is actually more than Game over Managed from a single sample.

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