‘Spider-Man 3’ flick: Jamie Foxx returns as Electro (Exclusive)

John Watts, filmmaker behind Return home And last year Spider-Man: Away From Home, Is on the director’s chair for the third installment, which Sony has dated for December 17, 2021 – though filmmakers now expect the release date to change between the coronovirus epidemics.

Most of the supporting actors from previous films – including Zendaya, Marissa Tommy, Jacob Batalon and Tony Rivolori – are expected to be on the call sheet when they make their camera roll in Atlanta. Kevin Feige and Amy are producing Pascal.

Marvel had no comment.

The details of the story are being kept under the facade, but the FoxX comeback is a stunner as it reflects further melting of the previous Spider Man Films in the current Holland series, which is the first to have a Marvel running point on production.

Away from home J. The idea was sparked by the return of JK Simmons as Jenna Jameson, starring Toby Maguire. Spider Man Trilogy, a trick that tickles the audience with glee.

FoxX played Electro in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Which starred Garfield as Spider-Man. The film failed to impress critics and was weak at the box office with $ 708.9 million globally. The box office deaths paved the way for the 2014 Sony hack as well as Sony’s unimaginable and a deal with Marvel Studios to share the character, which led to Holland playing the webslinger. The avengers Films and Marvel talent such as Robert Downey Jr. appearing in Sony’s Solo Spider Man Films.

Despite performance Amazing 2, FoxX is one of the most sought after players in Hollywood and its casting is sure to arouse excitement among fans. The actor is currently acting Project power, A Netflix superhero drama, and one of the voice stars in Pixar’s upcoming feature, inner heart. He was rejected by CAa, LBI Entertainment, and Ziffren Brittenham

-Orán Couch contributed to this story.

October 1, 3:05 pm The previous version misstated the release date of the next Spider-Man movie. Three hearted Regret of error.