Spent several days dying the stuntwoman of our previous part 2

Illustration I of the article is the last part of Part 2 / which Stuntwoman watched for several days before she died.

Photo: Amy johnson

first time Stuntwoman amy johnson Dealing with Naughty Dog, he captures motion for Nadine Ross Without reason And Unsolved: The Lost Legacy. His task – portraying a mercenary who could kick Nathan Drake’s ass – suited his skill set. The daughter of a kickboxing world champion and a third-degree black belt martial artist by herself, Johnson is an expert in telling a violent, non-verbal story with her body. It was understood that the mischievous dog brought him back to the fold, this time to do important work Our last part 2.

Johnson a Stunt history For big budget projects. For the film, he worked for stunts Captain America: Soldier of Cold (As black widow), iron Man 3, And Suicide squad. In the video game, he performed stunts as Lara Croft Tomb shadow And Black Cat in PS4 Spider Man DLC. He also performed movements in the core game as Spider-Man, as the animators wanted some additional, flexible actions on Spidey’s repertoire.

Follow the spoilers for our previous part 2.

Illustration I of the article is the last part of Part 2 / which Stuntwoman watched for several days before she died.

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Work on her first day Our last part 2—A partnership that lasts for about eight months —Naughty Dog describes war, characters, and the world Our last part 2 To Johnson. They showed him who had already shot; Many motion capture actors were already working on the game for some time.

Johnston performed most of his speed catching work as Abby, although he also performed movements and stunts for Ellie, Dinah, Yara, Lev, and several NPCs, including some male characters. Mass Seraphite Who attacks the abbey in the burning village, and Mass blotter The second attacks Ellie and Joel during a flashback.

For the cinematic cuteness that required action, Johnson alternated with the theatrical actor on the set. But when the actors were not, which was most of the time, they made movements and actions while listening to the recorded lines of the actors on loudspeakers.

Johnson worked most closely with the game’s animators. There were “Days of War” where he had to perform a variety of martial arts moves, usually in coordination with another stunt actor. It is here that Johnson was free to reform.

Motion Capture Us Last Part 2 (Video courtesy of Amy Johnson)

“That’s what brought me in,” Johnson told Kotaku. “For most of the knife work and kicking, they let me do what I wanted. Most of the time, they tell me that they need a point A to point B attack, followed by 1-2 attacks. And then they allowed me to do what made sense [to me]. “

“There were a couple days when all I did was throw, because Ellie was throwing molotovs and bricks,” Johnson said. “I probably threw about 800 times that day, just with my right hand. ‘Crouch,’ to ‘Jumping Forward’, ‘Two Backwards’. – All from different angles.”

Over the course of several days Johnson was focused on ‘dyeing’: prone, alpine, aiming, and not aiming, in every possible permutation. There were days when she used to fall repeatedly after bouncing and deliberately losing or crashing into a ledge. Johnson also had “movement days” where the actress performed bicycles for several characters, performing for hours on end.

“It’s very important that the characters have a certain feeling when you press the control stick,” Johnson said. “You want to make them feel human – not too fast and not too slow. So first, we worked on achieving that right.”

After Johnston and the animators agreed on a walk cycle, she acted it out several times with different variations, so that any character could pick it up at their current pace. Then, Johnston created sprints and jogs, which the animators shot from every angle so that they could connect it at every speed to every other angle. She will move at a 45 degree angle with her chest. Then she will walk on a right angle. Then, she will take a 180-degree turn.

Johnson listed several complex factors that required him to be constantly aware. Some characters, for example, were left-handed; Others were safe. Some had long legs or a strong upper body, which made them more or less adept at different environments. It may be that a character has a nail around their neck, which prevents them from turning in a particular way. All these movements — miscellaneous crawling, climbing, and ducking in cover — varied in correspondence to moves, plus other worldly sports.

“The walk cycle is different from Seattle Day 1 to Seattle Day 3,” Johnson said. “This is the first game I’ve ever worked on that was typical with emotion and injury. When Abby was hurt, we had a new running cycle, and so was Ellie. So different- During separate scenes, we kept an eye to make sure that we were at the right time at the right time, so that we would not break the immersion. ”

Motion capture from our previous part 2 (video courtesy of Amy Johnson)

Naughty Dog gave Johnson biographical information about the characters to make the performances more sophisticated. Lev for example: Johnson’s main goal was that he should appear lightly on his feet — almost ninja-like in his movement and fearless while crossing great heights. But during his more narrative-heavy scenes, some additional subtlety was required.

“I was informed that Lev was trans, and I learned his backstory, so that I could understand the character,” Johnson said. “There were scenes where there was dialogue – maybe Lev talking in the elevator with Abby – and in those moments, it was very important for me to try and understand what was going on through Lev, so I could simulate Was. Was my chest high, or were my shoulders down? Was I scared or scared? Was I trying to inspire or lift Abby? All those things are very important to understand the characters’ intentions. Was, especially if the character had no dialogue at that time. “

The character that Johnson liked best was Abby.

“The character I worked on was Abby,” Johnson said. “The naughty dog ​​showed me her picture and what she looked like. I was told that AB was around 5’7; The animators were comparing Abby to Ellie, and they wanted to make sure they were suitable when they interacted. She gave me some background on Abby, such as who she was afraid of and what she liked. They basically spoiled the game for me [laughs]. But this is important, because then I can really understand the character and give a more intense performance. “

When I asked Johnson if the naughty dog ​​had given him any biographical information that did not make it into the game, he said that he did not. The Naughty Dog also did not explain how Abby became so fleshy, though Johnston had her own headcannon why: that her revenge should be physically capable of what she wanted to accomplish. Abby has musculature, so she is constantly twisting her left shoulder; When he is walking and jumping, his upper body becomes tight. For Johnson, this short act helps humanize the character.

He said, “We constantly talked about his fear, because it’s a good contrast [to her physicality], Johnson said. “He is very strong; His body was built after a CrossFit body. She is a crawler, and she fights Ellie differently. Ellie is slightly more feudalistic and aggressive. And because Ellie is not powerful, she needs to be smarter about her movements and steal more. “

This is exemplified by the final battle between Abbie and Ellie. Ellie had suffered a serious injury, and Abby had lost her weight due to being imprisoned by the Rattlers and had lost most of her muscle. Both characters were finished.

Johnson agitated for both Abby and Ellie in this sequence, and among the things he did for the game, is the work he is most proud of. Through the way she struggled, she reflected the characters’ hatred for each other.

“It’s going to be more scary,” Johnson said. Ellie is going for the eyeball. She is going to fight dirty. When you want to take revenge, you are not really thinking through your mind, especially if you are hungry and there is nothing left in your life. You are doing everything you can. Ellie’s punches are not as powerful, and her attacks are not as accurate. And also with Abby. “

“We shot that end fight so many times,” Johnson said. “I was working with another stunt artist [Thekla Hutyrova mainly, and others], And the first time we did it, I was a little bit energetic. We got feedback from animators and from [director] blue [Druckmann] That we had to rethink it a bit. It needs to be understood that Abby was winning here, and Ellie was winning there. He needed to be more tired and injured. So we went back and forth to get that balance. Because in general, you’d think that if she wasn’t so thin and weak, Abby would beat Ellie very quickly. “

Johnson will feature several high-profile games coming this year, including Marvel’s AvengersFor which he did motion capture and stunts for female characters. Some of that work has already turned into trailers and preview gameplay. But its eight months Our last part 2 He is by far the most worked on a video game title. She cites Naughty Dog as one of her beloved customers, due to their accuracy.

“They are specific with most things that they do,” Johnson said. “Very often, the game [developers] Don’t know what they want But Naughty Dog knows what they want and how they want their characters portrayed. They are always giving me backstory, which allows me to understand these characters so that I can perform them better. “


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