Spends $ 25,000 to develop a 14-year-old antiviral drug that can counter Covet-19

A Texas teenager was given thousands of dollars to develop a possible cure for COVID-19.

Fourteen-year-old Anika Chebrolu, a freshman at Independence High School in Frisco, was chosen the winner of this year’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge and received a $ 25,000 prize. Anika said she challenged in eighth grade with the initial intention of creating more effective treatments for influenza, but when the coronovirus swept the nation, she decided to spindle.

Anika said, “With antivirals, even annual vaccinations, even with our continued fight against influenza virus, even with 60,000 deaths annually due to the flu alone, I’m interested in it. was.” Remote interview with NYSE Floor talk. “So I started my research on drug discovery and influenza virus, and I ended up combining my knowledge of both disciplines to create a novel antiviral drug against the flu. … Helping my mentor, Dr. Mahfooza Ali From., I switched topics and I targeted the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “

According to a press release, Anika used computer programs to see how a molecule SARS COVID-2 could bind to a specific protein in the virus and effectively inhibit the protein’s function.

Floor talkOn asking Anita what she plans to do with the $ 25,000 prize. Kishore said he intends to use some of the funds to continue his COVID-19 research as well as donate to his non-profit institute that does educational support.

“A lot of children around the world have not been given the same opportunities as me, and if they were, they could have accomplished so much more,” she said. “So in the summer I started a non-profit organization called Academy Collaborative, and I will donate some money earned from this amazing competition to Academy Academy. I will also use some money to continue my research and develop my antiviral. Will. Into an effective and powerful medicine. “

You can see full of Anika Floor talk Interview below.

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