Spelunki 2 Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

Spelunky 2, Like its predecessor, you will curse the game dozens of times before the end of your first play session. Whether you are a franchise veteran or have come to the series for the first time, be ready to complete your end … a lot.

However, death also gives you a chance to learn something new that can help you live longer and dive deeper into the game. This is because every time you restart a run, new and unique level layouts are generated procedurally. This means that the only way to get good Spelunky 2 Learn how to navigate all the way to the bottom regardless of what the threats are, how enemies attack, and the layout of the level.

Spelunky 2 Not an easy game. It would take hours of practice to know the unique nature of each enemy and trap. In time, you will understand how each threat affects you, and you will be better equipped to handle them, regardless of any configuration.

in this Spelunky 2 Beginner’s Guide, we’ve gathered your best tips and tricks to help you make each run. While only experience teaches the best lesson, this guide will give you an advantage from the start.

Every life is an experiment

Don’t expect to make any meaningful progress during your first few runs. Spelunky 2. Instead, consider each life as an experiment.

If you encounter a new trap or enemy, approach carefully. You can try to avoid any new obstacles, or run to understand this new danger. If it’s a trap, reach out to see it. Trap an enemy and see if it will be triggered. Better yet, throw something at it and see what happens.

Image: Mossmouth via Polygon, Blitworks / Mossmouth

When you encounter a new enemy, see how close you can get before you notice it. Then, once this happens, notice how it strikes. From what point of view is it taken? Can you dispose of it safely with your whip attack, can you jump to defeat it, or should you throw something at it? Risks end their run to find the answer, so that the next time you face them, you’ll know what to do.

Each run should be reduced from one run to the bottom and one for the information-gathering session. This time how much can you know about traps and enemies? The more you know, the safer – and smarter – the next time you travel. Once you feel confident that you understand all the dangers around you, then you should seriously move forward in the game.

Do not leave pets behind

In each run of Spelunky 2, You start with four hit points and have little opportunity to regain lost health. You can also find a pet that revives you. (By default this is a dog, but you can change it to a cat or chinchilla in a game setting.) If you do this to get out with your friend intact, then it will give you a little kiss next step. Before, will give rise to your health from a single point.

Finding a pet is not always easy, but it does its best to help you. As you make your way through each area, you can eventually hear it noisy – be it a bark, meow or squeak. Follow the sound, and you’ll find it hidden in that level. If you are lucky, you can safely walk over it and hold it as if you are with another object. At other times, you may need to use a bomb or rope.

Pug in Spelunki 2

Not only are they cute, but they give you health!
Image: Mossmouth via Polygon, Blitworks / Mossmouth

Once you start moving your sail, safely take it out. Like you, a pet has multiple hit points. It may die if it takes enough hits or is in danger of an instant hit like spikes.

A new sail will appear in the next area, whether you save the last one or not, meaning you will get more than one chance per run to regain health. A pet can also compensate for your HP beyond the base four hit points you start.

There are other ways to get health Spelunky 2 – See what happens when you bomb a turkey, for example – but pets are the most direct.

There is always a logical path

Every time you make a fresh start Spelunky 2 Run, the entire layout of each dungeon is generated automatically based on a few rules.

Each level always draws from a supply of threats, enemies and special situations. There will always be a fixed and direct route to the exit of each room from the entrance, too. This means that you can (technically) reach the end of each stage without using your ropes or bombs to make a creative path downward.

A sloth stands at a sacrificial table in Spelunky 2

Image: Mossmouth via Polygon, Blitworks / Mossmouth

If you ever reach a dead end on the way down, try going back the way you came and see a clear path. Will always be the same. Of course, the path ahead can be filled with traps of monsters and owls, but as long as you know how to treat them, you can find a logical way below.

When in doubt, you can always use one of the bombs and ropes to create your own (potentially safe) path.

When to use bombs and ropes

You start each run with four bombs and four ropes. Be creative with these tools and create your own path.

Since the supply of both is limited, it is best to understand when to use them. You can also find them for sale at stores that appear randomly on each floor, but do not trust this to happen.


Bombs explode, destroy everything around them and kill anything within the scope of their explosion. Bombs are a great tool for creating shortcuts, freeing hidden currency stuck in the ground, and taking out pesky enemies.

They explode after a short timer, so it is important to find the correct placement. If you press the bomb button and hit, you will do a short toss and leave it where you are. Pressing one direction and the bomb button will be launched in that direction.

You should take care when using bombs, but you must be extra careful when using them to make way to reach a pet. Bombs kill pets.

The ropes

The ropes launch upwards from where you are standing and allow you to climb over them.

Use the ropes to get yourself out of a dead end, which can appear if you’re using a bomb.

Ropes are also useful if you are trying to reach a better vantage point and avoid a trap by going above it. You can place a rope atop a long drop to get down safely (as we do in the video above).

When you launch a rope, it takes a moment to catch and unravel. You cannot save yourself by tossing once while falling. However, if you set one while jumping across a gap, you can use it to climb down (as we do above as well).

Always wear something

In Spelunky 2, There is very little standing between you and death. When a crime occurs, your whip is slow and has terrible limits. However, each level is filled with items – even the bodies of enemies – that you can take advantage of.

Whether you choose to use defensive or offensive throwable items, always hold onto something you can toss.

To take any item, crouch down and press the Interact button. You can hold small objects such as rocks, skulls, and utensils indefinitely.

You can jump on some enemies with your whip or kill them and temporarily knock them out. When they are disabled, they will have a small child hovering over their head. At this stage you can pick them up and throw them away. If they wake up, you will take damage. If an enemy takes too much damage, they will be knocked down permanently, and you can hang onto them for as long as you want.

The object you hold also acts as a shield. For example, if you are catching an enemy and an arrow trap shoots at you, it will hit exactly what you are holding instead of yourself.

A daredevil places a rock in Spelunki 2

You should always have something that you can toss.
Image: Mossmouth via Polygon, Blitworks / Mossmouth

Throwables are great for purposefully triggering traps and taking out enemies at a distance. You do not have too many defensive or offensive options Spelunky 2, But having an object to toss greatly increases your chances of survival.

Always look forward (or down)

One of the easiest ways to end a run is through holes, sight unseen, and stopping many enemies and threats. Imagine being careful and making your way to the lower level and immediately ending a run by falling into a pit of spikes.

Always look before you leap to avoid this headache. Never move forward or move to the lower zone without knowing what is ahead of you. Always beware of traps and enemies.

When ready to jump to the lower level, bend down to look further. Do this for a long time, and your camera will dip downwards and tell you what’s under you. From there, you can safely make a plan for the way forward.

Open that first shortcut

To finish it you have to survive many levels Spelunky 2. However, you do not need to do all of them in one run. If you complete the first four steps of the first field, you will have a chance to create a shortcut.

Mama Tunnel aka Terra talking about the shortcut in Spelanki 2

Get the right supplies, get a shortcut
Image: Mossmouth via Polygon, Blitworks / Mossmouth

To create shortcuts, reach the final floor of a certain level several times, meeting a number of requirements, such as bringing a certain amount of cash or bombs. After completing each requirement, a fast travel option will open in the starting area that lets you directly access the last shortcut you unlock.

To unlock the first shortcut it needs to be made three to three times to the end of the level. The first time you make it there, you have to bring $ 2,000. Next time, you must bring a single bomb. To complete the shortcut, you will need $ 10,000 in your last trip.

It has three shortcuts to unlock Spelunky 2, In which one appears at the end of the first field, one in the third field and one in the fifth field.

Seriously, try Co-op

Real Spelunky Co-op supported, but supports sequel Online Co-op, which makes teaming very easy. While playing in a co-op requires proper synergy, it actually makes the game a lot easier because it handles death.

When one of the co-op players dies, they become a ghost, who can swim around and blow out a plethora of air to knock under objects. They can also charge a wind attack to deflect Ice Beam Blast, which can be of great help to the still living player.

If you find a coffin, you can also revive ghost players. While this will bring them back, they will have little gear paths, so sometimes it is best to leave someone as a supporting ghost.

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