Speedrunners can not make levels of & # 39; Mario Maker & # 39; but Wendy & # 39; s Can?


Thanks to Super Mario Maker 2, millions of Nintendo Switch owners are experiencing the joy of creating their own 2D Mario levels and becoming part of a community of shared players. That includes me, my girlfriend, my co-workers at Mashable, my friends and colleagues who are behind some of the coolest levels you should review. However, it seems that it also includes #brands.

While it's not at the level of Arby or Sonic the Hedgehog, Wendy's Twitter account is pretty spicy when it comes to online personalities. And the fast food chain has just decided that making Mario levels is the next way to improve when it comes to promoting square citizens. They tweeted in a Wendy's themed version of a Super Mario world map, and each level includes a code for the actual level in which Wendy's account was created. Super Mario Maker 2.

More than a single level, we made a whole world. # SMM2 pic.twitter.com/BG7h7n5ltb

– Wendy & # 39; s (@Wendys) July 16, 2019

As expected, these six levels of Mario refer to the menu items that Wendy & # 39; s is best known for. There's an icy level of ice, put on chicken nuggets and cups and chips, uplifting lava to represent hot grease, and a pretty clever use of colorful mushroom platforms to remember hamburgers. They are not bathing. You can say that their social media designer cares a lot. It makes us wish you could creatively package levels in the worlds within the game itself.

Normally, something like this Wendy trick would not bother me much. Yes, brands in general need to learn when to close the session, but the lack of excessive marking at the levels themselves makes this quite harmless and it's all a great test of how Super Mario Maker 2 It allows anyone to make and share levels so easily. The problem is that this news was reduced at the same time we learned that Super Mario Maker 2 We are not as open as we expect.

Nintendo has just eliminated my Kai-Zero course, one of the most played Super Expert courses in Mario Maker 2. It did not contain inappropriate words, images, etc. It did not contain faults.

I am speechless and extremely sad about this. I feel that Nintendo does not love me 1 /?

– GrandPOObear (@GrandPOOBear) July 16, 2019

Streamer GrandPOObear is a successful speed racer and maybe as close to Mario manufacturer The community has a celebrity. However, although he is known for playing skillfully, the "Kaizo" levels are also a force for good, making levels that teach him how to improve in the advanced mechanics of Mario and raise more than one million dollars for charity. through Mario Play.

That's what makes it so disappointing that Nintendo continues to punish GrandPOObear for no reason. All your library of originals. Mario manufacturer The levels were eliminated, and the incident that Nintendo claimed was an automation error. And now one of its most popular experts. Super Mario Maker 2 the levels, "Arrow or Poo: Kai-Zero G", have been removed due to "harmful content" without possibility of appeal.

GrandPOObear is understandably upset but also confused. There are no curse words in the course. His name is not the problem for Nintendo, there's land character called poo. I thought Nintendo might be trying to take down Super Mario Maker culture of difficulty (like ignoring hardcore Super Smash Bros. communities or farms), but this level was not flawed.

At this moment he thinks that a lot of trolls, informed en mbade, is the most played level just to bad with him, but if that is the case, Nintendo should look at these situations more closely before making such hard decisions. Other users, although not as prominent, have also experienced seemingly arbitrary prohibitions.

Super Mario Maker 2 It has all the tools it needs to be amazing. Once again, I just played some Mario levels made by Wendy & # 39; s. But if Nintendo wants to grow this community of creators, the game is based on that can continue to punish one of its most productive members.

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