Speedrunner kills PS5 demon spirits in less than 20 minutes

Not even that big friend is a chance.

Not even such a great friend would stand up.
Screenshot: Playstation Studio / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

It took me 20 hours to defeat Demon spirits Remake on PlayStation 5, but Speedrunners have already discovered a huge bug that defeats them in less than 20 minutes.

The set-up, known as “mis-taunting-bana” or “giving up force”, takes some explanation. Demon spirits Made up of outposts known as archstones, which are functionally similar to bonfires. Dark spirits. Unlike bonfires, however, archstones are more sporadic, mostly serving as starting places for older game levels. Although players usually start using the last arrow-stone after playing or reviving, there is a small window left between level loading and a new archstone spawn that can be exploited, such as the SpeedBunner distortion. 2 is noted in the explanatory video. bottom.

In short, saving your spawn point on an archstone in one area, teleporting to a different area, forcing it to drop through PS5’s pop-up menu after the area is loaded, but before your spawn point is saved , Jumping back into the game, and dying will taunt you to an equal number of archstones in another area. It can be used to massively scape, such as jumping directly into a boss fight against the Dragon Lord or Old King Allant, until you advance to the expected archstone in a different area.

Distortion 2, which has been at the forefront Demon spirits Discoveries Like opening the mysterious hidden door of the remake, Recently in-game timers were used to complete in just 19 minutes, according to game-in timers. It does some pre-preparation – Distortion 2 saves his spawn with a different character in Phalanx Archstone before leaving his Span character to leave the entire starting level — but after that, he starts running Goes away.

this Demon spirits The bug also has some beneficial side effects. Wrong-fighting in the Sanctuary of Lost Boss fight puts you right in front of Maiden Astra, removing the need to defeat her bodyguard Gar Vineland or to struggle through the poisonous mud around her. And the Endgame Boss battle becomes trivial against the Old King Allant because his AI doesn’t load if you go to his arena.

Destination 2’s run also uses the same environmental collision glitch. Almost took him to the area beyond the hidden door Dropping a large portion of the Tower of Latria and snatching the Ring of Cleaver Rat, which increases the damage by 50% when reduced by 30%.

Bluepoint Games has a tough job ironing out the bugs Demon spirits Since the game’s release almost two weeks ago. So far, the developers have removed a mess, which gives players infinite souls for intimacy. Massive luck benefiting from yet another bug, And also added an invisible wall to stop players Leaving a decently sized piece of upper latria En route to the Mentors boss fight.

No one is telling when the speedrun-enabling bugs will be removed, but until then, you can bet Demon spirits Players will continue to use them to get their time as short as possible.


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