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Specifications for the updated Switch Console – Rant

After months of speculation, the Nintendo Switch Lite has recently come to light as a reality. Now, a source has revealed that a new standard Nintendo Switch model could include it in the future and could offer some performance increases over the original.

According to computer scientist Mike Heskin, Firmware 5.0 for the Nintendo Switch, at least three are unique hardware lines, one of which is the new Nintendo Switch Lite, which uses Tegra 214 instead of the original Tegra 210. The second Switch model that will be launched will also use the Tegra 214, and the GPU is timed to a higher value than the Switch Lite. This could provide a modest increase in the power of the system, although it may not be a great stimulus for those waiting for a Nintendo Switch Pro.

That said, the proposed "New" Nintendo Switch will have some significant improvements over its predecessor. According to the data, the new version can offer more memory, since the data indicate a version of 4GB (the same as that of the standard Nintendo switch) with the other 8GB. The new Nintendo Switch should also provide slightly improved battery life, since it will use the same lower voltage LPDDR4X DRAM as the Nintendo Switch Lite, which also has a longer battery life than the original. Finally, the new Nintendo Switch will potentially offer more built-in storage space, which could make it a better system for players who prefer digital copies of games.

Something that is not changing about the new Nintendo Switch model will probably be those who have already purchased a standard Nintendo Switch. The new version will probably continue to work with existing peripherals, since it is expected that the physical form of the switch will see any change from the original. Uniquely, the Nintendo Switch Lite, which works with a dock and can be connected to televisions, the standard Nintendo Switch should be able to do so, and is likely to continue to work with the existing joycons.

For now, this information is purely speculative, since Nintendo does not offer any official announcement regarding any Nintendo switch. Players should not expect any major rebirth of a new Nintendo switch until the end of the year or later, as Nintendo has stated that there will be no new versions available before the holiday shopping season.

source: twitter (through Resetera)

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