Special mask of puppy cures skull fractures after vicious attack


Doctors saved the life of a small dog after it was brutally wounded in an attack, by putting on a special mask that prevented him from playing with his toys but that helped him heal the fractured skull.

The 4-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Loca, suffered fractures of the cheek and jaw and other injuries, such as punctures in the face and neck, when another dog bit her, according to UC Davis. Veterinarians used surgery to remove bone fragments from his face and then printed a 3D mask on the exact shape of the puppy's head that would promote healing "just like a traditional cast helps heal leg fractures"

mask, called Exo-K9 The exoskeleton made the wounded dog look like a hockey goalie.

According to UC Davis, Loca was so young that it meant that "natural bone regeneration" helped repair the right side of the face, since the mask served as a cast and a bandage around the neck kept the neck and skull stable.

"Almost immediately he started eating soft foods and stayed comfortable with his painkillers," the university said of the start of his healing journey.

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