special! Hema Malini says, “There should be regulation in the industry against drug addiction Hindi Movie News

Jaya Bachchan slammed those who tarnish the Hindi film industry in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday morning. Following his fiery speech, many joined in to raise their voice against those who are calling the industry a drug haven. One such voice is from actress and politician Hema Malini, who says, “There is drug addiction everywhere, why are they singing out of Bollywood and saying that 99 percent of them are narcotics? Aisa is not infamous for us. So what? Log. This is unacceptable. ”

The actress also agrees with actor and politician Ravi Kishan, who raised the issue of drug addiction in the film industry. “I agree with what Ravi Kishan has said that there are some people and especially, youth who are consuming narcotics. We, as an industry, should come together and take this threat to film Spreading in the industry should be stopped. ”

Hema Malini, who has been a cultural ambassador as a renowned ambassador of the country, said, “We have a prestigious industry and therefore, people from all over the world want to research our culture and film industry. There are distinguished people who Work in the film industry, but some people are trying to characterize it as a haven for drug addiction, which is not acceptable. ”

Hema Malini feels that Jaya Bachchan confuses the two statements made by Ravi Kishan, however, “In the end, the purpose of Ravi Kishan and Jayaji was not to allow people to tarnish the name of the film industry.”

He is also upset that news channels are trying to shine the entire film industry with the same brush. Hema Malini said, “ In the last few years, our film industry has become addicted to drugs, although we would like the government to help us eliminate drugs completely, which is ruining the lives of homes and youth. . “He also said,” We also said. There should be a regulation in our film industry so that we can prevent youth from getting intoxicated. ‘

Hema Manny also said that youth are such great artists and if a person is a drug addict, then they will not be able to perform. Acting requires concentration, focus and presence of mind and if you are a drug addict you will lose everything you have .. Our young actors are really looking after themselves. ”

He said, “ Zara se kapde mein daaye le toh hum se rafne hai .. And it should be about 10 per cent of people and there are people who label the entire film industry which is not fair to us. ”