SpaceX wins the US secret military contract UU To implement the satellite in the incredible powerful hawk

SpaceX recently pocketed a $ 130 million US Airforce contract, according to the agreement, in the year 2020, SpaceX will launch its clbadified satellite in space through its most advanced Falcon Heavy Rocket rocket.

The satellite of the US Air Force UU It's called AFSPC-52 and all the details have been kept confidential.

With this new contract, SpaceX has defeated United Launch Alliance in its attempt to obtain this military contract, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, United Launch Alliance had offered its Delta 4 rocket for the same contract.

"SpaceX is honored by the Falcon Heavy Air Force selection to launch the competitively awarded AFSPC-52 mission," SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell, spacenews said in a statement. "I want to thank the Air Force for certifying Falcon Heavy, granting us this critically important mission and for their confidence in our company." SpaceX is pleased to continue to offer the American taxpayer the most profitable and reliable launch services for the vital space missions of national security. "

A major reason behind SpaceX winning this contract is the cost factor; The pieces of the SpaceX rocket are designed in such a way that they can be reused for other launches, this places SpaceX in an advantageous position in front of all the other competitors.

SpaceX rockets can carry more payloads, and their launch services cost less than half of what other companies offer.

For information only, Falcon Heavy is the largest rocket that has been built to date and can carry more than twice the payload compared to any other rocket that has ever been built by another private company or government agency. .

Commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center of the Air Force, Lieutenant General John Thompson, said in a statement on Thursday that granting the launch to Space X "fits the mission of providing flexible and affordable space capabilities to our Nation while maintaining guaranteed access to space. "

According to the information available from Spacenews, the average cost of Delta 4 launches is around $ 350 million, which is almost double the agreement reached. between SpaceX and US Airforce.

As NASA is still far from developing its own heavy-lift rocket, US government agencies UU They have to rely on other private and government contractors for their satellite launches.

However, it was not easy for SpaceX to obtain military certification for their Falcon Heavy Rocket; they had to spend around $ 60 million and two years in a lawsuit against the United States Air Force.

The company abandoned its claim only a few months before it was granted certification.

Although SpaceX had some setbacks and even faced two failed Falcon 9 Rockets missions, they have still managed to get many contracts from the USAF.


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