SpaceX wants to build underground tunnels of the Boring Company on Mars for the human habitation

  Colonization of Mars

Elon Musk believes that humans will have to be a multiplanetary species SpaceX

When humans reach Mars, living in depth can be one of the most viable options and SpaceX believes The best way to do this is to take the boring machines from The Boring Company and build networks of underground tunnels for people to live.

Both The Boring Company and SpaceX are companies led by Elon Musk, who firmly believes that humans need to move to Mars. , colonize it and terraform it if we want to survive in the future. Musk has said he plans to take his new rocket to Mars, taking people to the red planet as early as 2024. A Futurism report in a televised interview with SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell pointed out that The Boring Company could now be serious about digging tunnels In mars.

"I think the boring company could be the way we house people on Mars, we'll have to dig tunnels for people," Shotwell said. This only reinforces what Musk said earlier about building habitats on Mars, the report said. "You could build a whole city underground if you wanted," Musk said during a session at the International Space Station Research and Development (ISSR & D) Conference.

"People will still want to surface from time to time, but you can build a lot underground with the right drilling technology on Mars," he said.

As to why it's a good idea to live underground on Mars, the report notes that while glbad domes are being tested as habitats and other tent-like configurations that people imagine to be a good place to start, they could easily kill humans. Mars has an atmosphere that is several times thinner than Earth's and until the planet is terraformed to a degree that is capable of at least resembling the Earth, there is little or no protection against cosmic radiation, both beyond the solar system and the sun. In addition, the planet lacks the magnetic field that the Earth has, this also acts as a great deterrent to radiation.

In addition, the cost of building giant domes that are both hermetic and absorb radiation is high. They will have to be made of materials that make up the outer layer of the spacecraft. This is the reason why building tunnels could be the best way to live on Mars and much can be done with just one drilling machine, notes the report.


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