SpaceX to broadcast live the release of Falcon Heavy Block 5 at 6:15 pm ET today

SpaceX is half a day away from the planned launch debut of Falcon Heavy Block 5, a milestone that will also be the second launch of the rocket and the first mission with a commercial charge.

First of all, Falcon Heavy's job is to securely place Saudi Arabia's Arabsat 6A communications satellite in a high-energy geostationary transfer (GTO) orbit more than 35,000 km (~ 22,000 mi) above the Earth's surface . Despite the satellite wsighing No less than 6000 kg (13,200 lb), Falcon Heavy will still have enough latent performance to try to recover the three new reinforcements from Block 5. Hopefully, this is expected to return the landing areas on the east coast of SpaceX (LZ-1 and LZ-2) to successful operations after an anomaly in December 2018 caused Falcon 9 B1051 landing one mile or less on the high seas.

On this occasion, Falcon Heavy will be made entirely of Block 5 hardware, including three new reinforcements (probably B1052, B1053 and B1055), an upper stage of Block 5 with a Merlin Vacuum engine and a "Version 2" optimized for fairing recovery. of the payload. In total, Falcon Heavy probably weighs more than 80,000 kg (175,000 lb) empty and more than 1,420 metric tons (3,125,000 lb) when fully loaded. At take-off, the 27 Merlin 1D engines of the Falcon Heavy Block 5 rocket are expected to produce no less than 5.1 million pounds (~ 2300 mT / 23,000 kN) of thrust at full speed, but that figure could increase to 5, 6 million pounds (2550). mT / 25,500 kN) of push depending on how official numbers are interpreted rather vague CEO Elon Musk.

In any case, both Falcon Heavy's lateral reinforcements will attempt to replicate the iconic side-to-side landings that are now a signature of the launch launch of the rocket in 2018, while the central core, which travels much faster at the point of separation of the scenario, will travel almost 1000 km (620 miles) away for a landing on board a drone Of course I still love you (OCISLY). The second release of Falcon Heavy will be an event worth seeing, from a lot of sonic explosions that will be audible across the Florida coast and the potential for a potentially spectacular sunset in Florida.

The first Block 5 version of Falcon Heavy is getting ready for its launch. The rocket is composed of three first stage impellers, probably B1052, B1053 and B1055. (SpaceX)

Falcon Heavy Flight 2 becomes even more exciting due to the fact that its two lateral reinforcements of Block 5 will be fundamental for a third planned launch of the SpaceX rocket only two months later. According to the US Air Force UU., An agreement was reached with SpaceX to use the opportunity, an intentionally low-risk mission known as the Space Testing Program 2 (STP-2), to gain a much more accurate understanding of how SpaceX launches. , recondition, and relaunch the Falcon propellers. In addition to being the last major source of data for Falcon Heavy's definitive certification for high-value military launches, the USAF expects the STP-2 to be a critical step towards opening the competences of the launch contracts for rockets tested in flight as the Falcon 9 and – eventually – the new Glenn of Blue Origin.

The SpaceX launch webcast will be launched approximately 20 minutes before takeoff, with a window extending from 6:35 pm to 8:31 pm EDT (22: 35-00: 31 UTC). The climate is expected to be decent and is currently about 80% "ready" for the launch.

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