SpaceX, Shift4’s Inspiration4 Private Mission List Its Second Crew Member

Next October, four civilians are expected to launch into a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft atop a Falcon 9 rocket. The mission will run for 38 years. Jared isaacman, consummate pilot and founder and CEO of Shift4Payments, a credit card processing company. Joining the businessman on this groundbreaking mission will be three other civilians, the first of whom was recently confirmed.

In an announcement Monday, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital revealed that Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old medical assistant and cancer survivor, would be joining Isaacman as the crew’s medical officer. As long as the mission is carried out, Arceneaux would be the youngest person in history to go into space. He would also be the first person to launch himself with a prosthesis, a reminder of his previous battle with cancer.

Arceneaux was 10 years old when he underwent surgery at St. Jude to replace his knee and place a titanium rod in his left femur. While still limping and suffering from occasional leg pain, SpaceX has cleared itself to fly. Talking with The Associated Press, commented that her battle with cancer has really prepared her for the challenges of space travel.

“My battle with cancer really prepared me for space travel. It made me difficult, and I also think it really taught me to expect the unexpected and move on, “she said, adding that through the Inspiration4 mission, her goal is to show young patients and other cancer survivors that” heaven already It’s not even the limit. “

“It’s going to mean a lot to these kids to see a survivor in space,” Arceneaux said.

Inspiration4 was announced by Isaacman on February 1, along with a promise to raise $ 200 million for St. Jude, half of which would come from his personal contribution. As mission commander, the founder and CEO of Shift4Payments chose to offer one of four Crew Dragon capsule seats to St. Jude. Rick Shadyac, president of the St. Jude fundraising organization, noted that Arceneaux was selected from “dozens” of hospital and fundraising employees who had previously been patients and who could effectively represent the next generation.

According to the Inspiration4 mission website, the crew would be conducting experiments in space designed to expand humanity’s knowledge of the universe. Crew Dragon’s 365-pound payload capacity would be allocated for both crew essentials and science equipment dedicated to microgravity research experimentation. The mission aims to allocate the maximum possible mass to its research targets, which should provide access to space for inspiring projects that “could not otherwise overcome the high barriers of traditional space-based research.” The crew is likely to spend between 2 and 4 days in Earth orbit.

With two of the Inspiration4 crew members now determined, the search continues for the occupants of the remaining two Crew Dragon seats. Isaacman, for his part, said he plans to reveal the last two crew members of the civilian space mission sometime in March. Liftoff is expected around October at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Watch Hayley Arceneaux’s interview with NBC NEWS TODAY in the video below.

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