SpaceX probably will not launch Elon Musk’s red Tesla to Mars in 2018 –

SpaceX probably will not launch Elon Musk’s red Tesla to Mars in 2018


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Musk in a midnight cherry Tesla Roadster.

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  • Elon Musk said several times on Friday and Saturday
    that plans to launch its red Tesla Roadster to Mars in
  • An employee and engineer from SpaceX also said on Friday that
    the first Falcon Heavy payload had been announced, and that
    "This is legitimate and, of course, there will be cameras!"
  • But according to reports, Musk backed down his comments on Saturday,
    telling The Verge that he had "invented it completely".

In a series of tweets on Friday night, Elon Musk said he plans to
launches its red Tesla Roadster
to Mars
in 2018.

Or maybe not, depending on how one interprets Musk's observations.

Few can be blamed for believing in musk. The technology mogul
and billionaire once
sent a cheese wheel into orbit
with a rocket built and
launched by its aerospace company, SpaceX. And in March, musk
said he plans to launch "[s] the most excited thing we can imagine" in the
first Falcon Heavy rocket – SpaceX's biggest and newest launcher,
and one that can send a payload of 37,000 pounds (almost 14
Tesla Roadsters & # 39; en mbade) to Mars.

The inaugural launch of Falcon Heavy will begin
in January 2018, Musk confirmed this week.

"The payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space
Rarity. Destiny is the orbit of Mars, "Musk tweeted
on Friday
referring to David Bowie's song. "He will be in
deep space for a billion years or so if it does not explode

 spacex hawk heavy lift rocket illustration

Musk seemed to further confirm his plans in a makeshift
session of questions and answers that night.

"Just to reiterate, the load of the first Falcon Heavy rocket
will be a Tesla electric car, playing Space Oditty, in the direction of
Mars, " wrote a user named J.C.

"Yes", replied Musk .

Will it be a 2008 first generation Roadster?

"Yes", Musk replied to another user.

Another person asked about the midnight cherry red paint in
The Musk roadster

"Red car for a red planet", responded Musk .

Musk repeated his claim on Saturday afternoon, telling Ars Technica
Senior space editor Eric Berger said the mission was "100%

Berger tweeted that he had not heard
back from the SpaceX communications team regarding Musk & # 39; s
comments, which led him to believe that the mission is happening.

Joy Dunn, an employee and engineer at SpaceX, tweeted on Friday that
the first payload of Falcon Heavy had been announced, declaring "this is going to be so
awesome ", then added " oh, this is legitimate and from
Of course there will be cameras! "

Musk would also have confirmed his plans for The Verge on Friday,
writing "is so real" in response to an email sent by the store.

However, The Verge updated its story on Saturday, writing "Musk
He told us that he invented it & # 39; "in a follow-up email.

Business Insider came to a SpaceX spokesperson, who declined
comment in the registry. We also contacted Musk directly, but he
He did not respond immediately. NASA also did not respond immediately
our questions about the supposed payload of Tesla de Musk.

Musk may be laughing at the expense of
Fans, employees and journalists on Friday. On the other hand, one can
invent something totally, then make that idea come true.

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