SpaceX loses the core of Falcon Heavy Rocket in the sea

SpaceX has lost the core of the Falcon Heavy rocket after the rough seas cause the propeller to fall out of the autonomous recovery spacecraft of SpaceX, of course I still love you.

Central core of Falcon Heavy Lost at Sea

After its successful test launch last week, the Falcon Heavy rocket core was lost when it returned to shore when the drone ship carrying it encountered rough seas, as reported for the first time The edge. Unable to remain upright, the rocket overturned and fell into the ocean.


SpaceX said the rocket's central core was lost while it was in transit to Florida after the ship carrying it encountered waves eight to ten feet high that resulted in the loss of the central core.

"During the weekend, due to the harsh sea conditions, the SpaceX recovery team could not secure the central reinforcement for their trip back to Port Canaveral," said SpaceX. The edge in a sentence. "As the conditions worsened with waves of eight to ten feet, the reinforcement began to change and, finally, could not stand erect. While we expected to bring reinforcement back intact, the safety of our team always takes priority. We do not expect future missions to be affected. "

The future mission is still on its way

Fortunately, SpaceX has a second central core for its next test launch, so the loss of this rocket will not alter the next mission, and, of course, I still love you, it's safe.

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