SpaceX launches the same Falcon 9 rocket for a ninth flight

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SpaceX successfully launched one of its Falcon 9 rockets into space to to record ninth time on Sunday, making it the first in the company’s fleet to launch and land nine times. The Falcon 9 rocket carried a new charge of 60 Starlink satellites, which are part of the company’s efforts to provide satellite Internet.

The successful launch and landing of this first-stage booster are noteworthy given SpaceX’s goals when it designed the Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 was designed to be able to fly 10 times with little or no modification between missions. The company currently has two Falcon 9 booster rockets near the coveted 10 flights, for, and it’s closely monitoring the wear and tear on each rocket every time it takes off.

The Falcon 9 rocket that the company launched on Sunday also supported the Crew Dragon Demo-1 launch., the first unmanned test flight of the Dragon spacecraft; the RADARSAT Constellation mission, or Canada’s new Earth observation satellites; the SXM-7, SirusXM’s failed satellite what did he aim to support your digital radio service; and five other Starlink missions.

SpaceX has shipped three lots from Starlink satellites to space over the past two weeks, adding 180 satellites to the more than 1,000 it already has there. It has two more Starlink launches planned in March.

However, company officials have recently said that 10 may not be the “magic number” and that Falcon 9 the rockets could possibly make more flights, SpaceNews reported. Once a thruster reaches the 10-flight milestone, SpaceX will analyze the thruster and assess whether it can “go ahead.”

What TechCrunch points , rocket reuse is especially important for Starlink missions as SpaceX begins to increase its satellite internet service. Starlink has 10,000 customers right now, although SpaceX Recently open pre-orders for the service. For a $ 99 refundable deposit, customers get a Starlink kit that includes a Mountable satellite dish, wifi router and power supply. The complete kit costs $ 499 ymThe monthly service costs $ 99 per month.

Needless to say, it is not yet clear whether SpaceX will be able to launch enough satellites to cover the areas it needs to cover and provide a reliable internet service. He appears on However, the company is trying.


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