Space weather warning: alert as HUGE sunspots could cause TECH BLACKOUT | Science | News

Cosmic meteorologists have noticed that a mbadive sunspot appears in the Sun and the Earth could fall into its cosmic particle flow. As it is, the sunspot is not pointing towards us, but it could be in the next few days, which could cause major problems. Sunspots are dark spots on the Sun caused by the underlying magnetism below the surface.

However, sometimes that magnetism springs up and is released in the form of solar flares, which shed cosmic particles into space.

While holes of this type are common, researchers have described the impending as "a big one."

The Space Weather website said: "A new sunspot is rotating on the eastern extremity of the sun, and it is a large one. Named AR2738, the primary dark core of the sunspot is large enough to swallow the Earth.

"The magnetic polarity of AR2738 identifies it as a member of the old Solar Cycle 24. Apparently, the decomposing solar cycle still has some power.

"Can this sunspot produce strong flares? We will not know until it gets more directly to Earth in the coming days.

"Then we can see more clearly the structure of its magnetic field and evaluate the explosive potential."

For the most part, the Earth's magnetic field protects humans from the radiation discharge that comes from sunspots, but solar storms can affect satellite-based technology.

Solar winds can heat the Earth's outer atmosphere, causing it to expand.

This can affect satellites in orbit, which could lead to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite television such as Sky.

In addition, a wave of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere, which can lead to higher than normal electricity in power lines, which results in electrical transformers and explosions from power stations and a loss of power. Energy.

The higher amounts of radiation also leave people vulnerable to cancer.

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