Space dust helped extraterrestrials travel to Earth, astronomers say


British researchers claim that a stream of space dust could have transported alien organisms to Earth, reported Metro .

You may feel that tiny microbes could have moved through the void that helped them travel to other planets. His research increases the likelihood that small insects from alien worlds may have triggered life on Earth.

Extraterrestrial life may have traveled through the universe in comets and meteors, some experts believe. It is a theory called panspermia,

British researchers have been studying powerful interplanetary dust flows that can travel through space at up to 44 miles per second. "He calculated that small organisms and 'bioparticles' floating in the atmosphere at an altitude of 93 miles or more could be released from Earth's gravity by incoming space dust," the report said.

Feel that if the process occurs in reverse, you can bring these extraterrestrial forms to Earth.

"The proposition that space dust collisions could propel organisms at enormous distances between planets raises some interesting perspectives on how life and the atmospheres of planets originated", lead author of the study Professor Arjun Berera, of the School of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh, told the Metro . Adding: "The transmission of dust from fast space is found in all planetary systems and could be a common factor in the proliferation of life."

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