SPACE: Budweiser on a mission to prepare beer at MARTE


The American brewing giant Budweiser is carrying out experiments that he hopes will one day allow beer brewing in space.

Barley, one of the main ingredients of beer, will be launched into orbit on Friday to see how it grows in conditions without the gravity of the Earth.

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BOOZE: Astronauts may have the opportunity to drink beer brewed in space one day

The barley will spend a month on the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting around of our planet.

Then he will be sent to Earth for the Budweiser team to badyze.

The 20 barley seeds will take a ride on the Space-X CRS-13 cargo mission carrying supplies to the ISS.

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EXPLORATION: the manufacturers of Budweiser want to make the first beer in space

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SET: The seeds of barley will be launched into space as part of the experiment

The Anheuser-Busch brewing company has joined forces with the Center for the Advancement of Science in the US Space. UU for the project.

Budweiser Vice President Ricardo Marques said the mission was "inspired by the collective American Dream to reach Mars."

When the seeds return to Earth, experts will explore the effects of space flight on the germination and cultivation of barley.

The race is ready to build & # 39; Son of Concorde & # 39;

After the demise of the Concorde in 2003, the race has been underway to push back the supersonic journey. Spike Aerospace hopes to do that before its rivals NASA and Virgin Airlines.


  Prototype of the supersonic jet S-512 "title =" Prototype of the supersonic jet S-512 "clbad =" loaded hover "/> <span clbad= Spike Aerospace

Prototype of the supersonic jet S- 512

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SPACE TRAVEL: The International Space Station will house the seeds for a month [19659027] "We are inspired by the collective American dream to reach Mars"

Ricardo Marques, vice president of Budweiser

In a statement, Budweiser said he wanted to one day become the "official beer of Mars."

So, how would it be to drink a beer in space? [19659002] Astronauts in space tend to lose their sense of taste because their tongue swells due to lack of gravity.

Without the gravitational pull to move the liquid down into your digestive tract, many experience "wet belching" when the bubbles rise after drinking.

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Brewing in Mars would have its own challenges.

Hops, another key ingredient, needs direct sunlight and easy access to water to survive, two things that Mars does not have.

In addition, the limited water of Mars is extremely salty, which would make any beer made on the red planet bitter.

for astronauts could be much more fun since recently the ISS team enjoyed a pizza party after special supplies were sent from Earth.

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