Southwest Airlines gave customers a brutal view of future life

Not flying on business?

I have spent the week relying on optimism in smoking.

You were watching me, according to the words of the CEO of American Airlines, who told that the zoom was so terrible that it would make businessmen fly more than ever.

I miss the flight days on business, where you would meet people outside your kitchen and bedroom floors and listen to their stories in a happy, real-life setting.

Zoom and Microsoft teams have tried their best to fill up during the epidemic. Certainly, however, once vaccinated, we will all race to resume former habits, even if it costs our employers a bit more.

Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, is not so sure. He runs one of America’s more beloved airlines – there aren’t many – and he claims that the airline was well prepared for the crisis.

Nevertheless, as Kelly stated Dallas morning news, A mass movement away from Zoom and towards the airport may not be remotely real.

“I am certainly not bullish that business travel should proceed properly,” he said. “In fact, I argue that relative to the general recession and recovery scenario, this would be double.”

There is no sound twice as soon. However, it was almost as if he was softening America to the truly cruel depth of his instinct.

He added: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a business trip for a decade before going back to 2019 levels.”

Will we really have to wait 10 years to make a quick trip to see a customer or a business partner? Or even employees in a distant office?

Will it really take 10 years for road warriors to retake their weapons and capture a million continuously flying miles, thanks to their companies?

Such a scenario puts a lot of pressure on technology to help maintain relationships, when every sign people are already under enormous stress.

When there’s already a word for it – zoom fatigue – you think it’s more than just a passage thing.

When teachers, as well as business types, worry that all this screen time has become a time of screaming, is it up to business leaders to continue their employees on frequent visits to boost their mental wellbeing Will be delayed, never mind the health of your business?

The belief that technology can solve everything has become bizarre in its inequality.

Yet we are now in a critical situation where we feel technology like everyone else. With possible consequences that we may never think of.

The entire basis of measuring employee success may change. Do the same people give good zoom meetings as in-meeting meetings? Will people who perform better on camera in any way get preferred status now?

I can certainly imagine salespeople, used for some personal touches, finding zoom-selling less than ideal. And if they cannot travel on business, it can have serious consequences.

Kelly says he does not expect any type of airline traffic improvement before “being the best in 2021 at any time”.

Will Zoom and Microsoft manage to find new, creative ways to make business meetings more engaging and interesting? Given the basic limitations of time and screen space, it is difficult to see how they can do this.

Nevertheless, most airlines, given the serious realities, are now focusing more on leisure travelers to grow their ailing businesses.

I know they are desperate. In the past few weeks, email marketing in the southwest has put an end to drug addiction. The airline emailed me to say that my trip to Palm Springs awaited me. As is my trip to Tampa.

This is a bit strange, because I have never been to the city and now there is no reason for them to go. (Sorry, Tom Brady has always been overrated.)

Is the algorithm directing these people?

But wait, I got another southwest email. Title: “Las Vegas Still In Your Cart For $ 59.”

I have not taken a flight to Las Vegas in my Southwest train.

I have not kept anything in my southwest car.

South-west, we need to zoom into this. I mean, talk.