Southern California ICU capacity falls to 0% as state reports 379 new deaths, breaking daily records

South California (KABC) – ICU capacity in the 11-county Southern California region has fallen by up to 0% amid a dramatic surge in coronovirus cases, officials said on Thursday.

The declaration does not necessarily imply that no intensive care unit beds are available.

If counties have higher ratios than COVID-19 patients living in the ICU space, the state adjusts the percentage downward.

There were reports of low ICU capacity as 379 Californians were declared dead in the state, the highest number of epidemics on a single day and surpassing the previous record set for the previous day.

The state reported another 52,281 new cases of the virus, down from 1,400 cases California reported earlier that day.

If California were a country, then the rank is calculated based on John Hopkins’s COVID-19 Daily Case Counts:

1) USA 247,403
2) Brazil 70,574
3) California 53,711
4) UK 25,161
5) India 24,010
6) France 17,720
7) Italy 17,568

On average 2 people die of COVID every hour in LA County with hospitals

379 deaths are equivalent to lives lost every four minutes over a 24-hour period.

In Los Angeles County, about two people are dying on average every hour from the virus, with what some public health officials call an “explosive and very deadly surge”.
Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is mainly being given to health care workers in the state.

The state government should receive an additional 393,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine next week.

Development: More details will be added to this report when they become available.

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