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South Texas receives rare snowfall

Although snow is common in parts of northern Texas, it is unusual for this region to see snowfall and people shared their joy on social media.

"A Christmas miracle from Texas!" One person posted on Twitter.

Renee Santos, a reporter for the affiliate CNAB KABB, danced in the falling flakes exclaiming: "It's 80 degrees two days ago and now it's snowing!"

Even this puppy, Rooney, could not Hold his excitement when he met the white things he used to play in Amarillo, a city in Texas.

Snow covers at a San Antonio dealership.

This rare snow event is not like that. You're not finished yet. It is moving further south towards cities such as Corpus Christi and Brownsville. Snow is expected to fall throughout the night with 2-3 inches around Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi has only had eight days of record with measurable snow (0.1 ") dating from 1948. The last time the city saw snow was Christmas Eve 2004 and that was its biggest snowfall in the record with 2.3 inches

Earlier this afternoon it did not look like Houston was going to any of the snow actions and JJ Watt was waiting patiently by the window.

But his wish came true and he joined the rest of the Texans in the south playing with white snowflakes

Are you seeing snow in south Texas? Send text messages, iMessage or WhatsApp to your videos, photos and stories to CNN: +1 347-322 -0415. [19659011] CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward contributed to this report.

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