South Korea Confirms Rescuers Return to North Korea

South Korean officials said on Monday that North Korean guards who came south in 2017 had returned to the North.

The New York Times reported that the unnamed 24-year-old man, referred to only by his family name Kim, had crossed a narrow strait in the northern part of Gangahwa Island, the same area he thought was used Tha entered South Korea in 2017 on his initial defection.

The South Korean military officer said, “We saw the specific location from where he traveled north on Gangwa Island.”

His fate in the north is unknown; Convicts in North Korea are often sent to political prison camps if they are repatriated, and North Korean officials said Sunday that the person was also thought to be carrying coronovirus, although South Korean officials Told the Times that he had no evidence of testing or exposure to infected persons.

North Korea has officially claimed no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders, a claim made by international experts due to the North’s large border with China, where the epidemic originated. Has been thought in

She is believed to be a native of Kaesong, North Korea, which has since been closed by North Korean authorities as a result of her return.


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