South China Sea: Taiwan’s World of Emergency Meeting on China’s ‘provocative’ military exercise | news

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense made this announcement late last night, claiming that China held an aerial and naval exercise between 7am and noon on Wednesday and Thursday. It called the exercise a “serious provocation” and a threat to peace in the region.

The ministry said the drill occurred between Taiwan’s southwest coast and the Taiwan-claimed Pratas Islands in the South-China Sea.

The drill has been described by a former Taiwanese military officer as the most serious threat to Taiwan’s security since 1996, when China conducted a controversial missile test that fired three M-9 ballistic missiles toward Taiwan. Who fell into nearby shipping lanes.

Major General Young Ching Si, an intelligence officer in Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, accused China of conducting drills near Taiwan to encroach into its space.

He said, according to the FT: “Everyone knows about his intention to take Taiwan. So it is very clear that they are using the pretext of a practice to squeeze our operating space. “

Beijing, on the other hand, views Taiwan as a ‘breakaway province’ according to the BBC.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview this year: “We are already an independent country and we call ourselves the Republic of China, Taiwan.”

Last month, Beijing reprimanded the US for holding an official meeting between itself and Taiwan.

US Health Secretary Alex Azar visited the nation to discuss the close relationship between the two countries, with Taiwan’s COVID-19 also reacting.

However, China’s spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, urged the US to “cease any kind of official dialogue with Taiwan, handle Taiwan-related issues judiciously and appropriately,” and “Taiwan Freedom “Do not send any wrong signals. Elements to avoid serious harm to peace and stability in Sino-US relations and Taiwan Strait”.

China and the US have accused each other of threatening peace in the South China Sea this year amid military exercises.

The US has accused China of carrying out a “bullying campaign” to control offshore resources in the region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the US “a troublemaker for peace and stability in the region”.