South Carolina Gamecocks offensive coordinator Mike Bobo explained the decision to start Callback Hill at quarterback

One of South Carolina’s biggest-ever battles settled on Thursday afternoon, and tonight offensive coordinator Mike Bobo had to weigh in on why the Gamecocks made the decision.

Coleen Hill will debut the South Carolina opener against Tennessee and Mike Bobo on Carolina Calls on Thursday night to discuss why the Gamecocks went through a gradual transfer from Colorado State.

“Deciding a quarterback, you want a man when he steps in that 10 of those guys in the hoodluck and 70 people know the guy is; when he gets to the center, you have a chance to get down for the first time. That is equal, ”said Mike Bobo.

“Going back to all of them, they competed hard but Coleen was the most consistent through camp, during all three investigations. I graded everything. I graded every single practice, every single scrimmage for these kids. Did. He got a grade in every drill. And a report on that. I actually went over it with a fine tooth comb. ”

The contest lasted almost a month as Gamecox went through the camp with Bobo saying that he critically evaluated and evaluated everything in which Hill eventually won the fight.

Hilo, who came from Colorado State with Bobo, played 18 games in the last three seasons where he completed 60.7 percent of his passes and averaged 7.7 yards per carry and understands the system more than anyone on the offensive roster.

Nick Museum said the NFL initially has a hand at Camp Hill and can make a lot of throws on the field.

Hill’s health is the biggest question mark, as his third ACL tear is flowing, but Bobo says he has not seen any yearning in Hill that is on the side of his knee.

“There’s no favor. There’s no coward going out or stepping in every throw. Two other times when he came back he was a coward,” Bobo said. “Now he’s like, ‘If I get hurt, I get hurt. Neither are any mobile ones, but we still have to step in the pocket, step up and find our throwing lanes.’ If he showed any signs in favor of his knee, there would be no possibility of him playing on the knee.

Hill defeated Ryan Hilinski, who had played half of the back half of the previous season last season with an injured knee.

Hilinski completed 58.1 percent of his passes and lost to Hill for an average of 5.8 yards per attempt last season.

Bobo mentions seeing good things with mention but thought Hill gained the edge after four weeks of practice.

“Ryan has a bright future. That’s what I told Ryan when we came here: there were things that we had to work on fundamentally. To his credit, he worked with his tail. He spent more time on football Hai, he told me today, as much as he has never done in his entire life. He is becoming a better football player. He is becoming a better student of the game, “Bobo said.

He said, “I am putting him in a position where I think he is going to lead this team one day. In making this decision right now we are thinking that Colin is ahead of him. I think That we are lucky to have played two people. Football and experience.