Sources say that Tech CEO’s body in NYC apartment has decayed

Sources were quoted as saying that the body of a posted-down tech CEO was found inside a Lower East Side apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

Sources said that the police were seriously injured just after 3:30 pm, when the deceased’s cousin was killed by the man’s E. Requested a welfare check at the Houston Street building and called police, sources said.

An electric saw was found near the corpse, described as a 33-year-old man. Sources said the victim’s hands and feet were removed from below the knees and body parts were found in a plastic bag found in the apartment.

Police sources believe the victim is Faheem Saleh, a venture capitalist and CEO of Nigeria-based motorcycle startup Gokada.

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Saleh is listed as the owner of the apartment, which he bought last year for $ 2.25 million, records show.

“It’s ugly,” said a cop at the scene.

Sources described the murder as a clear targeted murder.

Sources said the victim was seen on surveillance footage around 1:40 pm Monday afternoon when he entered the elevator of the building just outside his seventh-floor apartment.

Sources said footage from the apartment building showed the suspected killer carrying a bag, waiting for the victim to enter the elevator.

The victim surprises the suspect during an exchange as they ride together. According to sources, as the victim goes out to his apartment, the suspect can be seen attacking him.

A law enforcement source said the crime scene looked like a “professional” murder because there was almost no blood left and the apartment was not looted.

While another source said that it appears that the killer was “interrupted”.

The source said, “It didn’t look like it was done.”

Investigators consider the victim to be Saleh, but are waiting for a medical examiner to confirm her identity.

Police were later seen questioning a courageous woman – what sources are they identified as the victim’s cousin – in the building’s lobby.

The victim’s cousin exposed his torso to the living room with a construction bag and noticed that when he went to investigate on Tuesday, he did not hear it, according to sources.

“She was really upset. crying. Shaking, “said local resident Danny Faust. “She was sitting there, but you can tell that her legs were shivering.” She panicked. She was crying, you know, wiping her eyes. “

“When she first came down, she was screaming,” said 40-year-old Faust.

He said that he went to the building after seeing the police gathering at the scene.

“Corpse? Okay,” he said. “But when you hear and shred? Bus. It is a sick mind for someone to do this. “

Saleh was a Bangladeshi-American who founded and invested in several transportation-related start-ups according to his LinkedIn page.

In 2015, he co-founded Pato, a ride-company in his parents’ country of Bangladesh.

Roughly two years later, in December 2017, he co-founded Gokada, an on-demand, motorbike-hailing company in Lagos, Nigeria and took over as its CEO in April of last year. He oversaw the company’s transition to delivery service during the recent coronovirus epidemic.

He also launched venture capital firm Adventure Capital in New York in 2018.

“We used to call him Elon Musk of the developing world. He was like an energetic bunny, ”a longtime friend told The Post.

“His best friend in Dubai sobbed me on the phone and said,” They took my boy; They took my boy! The friend said, “He played ukulele … He was full of ideas.”

Residents said the crime was particularly volatile as it usually occurred in a quiet neighborhood.

“It’s shocking.” This is horrific, ”45-year-old resident Jason Rivera told The Post. “What could be trying to rot in someone’s mind?” Pure wickedness. “

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No further details were immediately available.

Additional reporting by Tina Moore

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