Sources said that Trump issued 100 apologies and commotion on Tuesday.

The White House held a meeting on Sunday to finalize the pardon list, two sources said.

Trump, who was pardoning and making uproar in a steady clip ahead of Christmas, according to authorities, put him on hold in the US Capitol after the January 6 riots and directly in the coming days.

The aide said Trump was focused on the Electoral College calculations in the days ahead of time, prompting him to make a final decision on the pardon. White House officials expected him to resume after Jan. 6, but Trump backed out after pleading guilty to inciting the riot.

Initially, the two major batches were ready to roll out, one last weekend and one on Tuesday. Now, officials expect the last batch to be the only one – until Trump decides to pardon controversial allies, his family members or himself at the last moment.

The final batch of pardon actions is expected to include a mix of criminal justice reform-minded pardons and securing more controversial ones or taking out political allies.

Trump's pro-law enforcement & # 39;  Image drops in its last days

Pardons are one of several items that Trump must complete before his presidential term ends. White House officials still have executive orders ready, and the president is still hopeful of disqualifying information related to Russia’s investigation before he leaves office. But with the huge number of administration officials still in jobs, the possibility of whatever may happen is becoming less likely.

The January 6 riots due to Trump’s second impeachment have complicated his desire to pardon himself, his children and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. At this point, the allies do not think he will do so, but caution only Trump knows what he will do with the ultimate power of the presidency before he is officially out of office at noon on January 20.

After the riots, advisers encouraged Trump to renounce a self-pardon because it appeared that he was acquainted with a conversation with a person. Many of Trump’s closest advisers have also urged him not to pardon anyone involved in the siege in the US Capitol despite Trump’s initial stance, but that those involved had done nothing wrong.

“Many people are urging the president to forgive people”, Trump aide Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Fox News on Sunday. “It would be wrong to forgive these people.”

WikiLeaks asked reporters for help in desperate bid to pardon Julian Assange at last minute

A White House official said paperwork has not yet been done for self-pardon.

Nevertheless, Trump is expected to leave the White House on January 20 and may issue a pardon by noon on Inauguration Day.

Other attention-grabbing names, like Julian Assange, are not among those currently receiving forgiveness, but the list is still fluid and may change as well.

It is also not certain whether Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon will receive the pardon.

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Trump is still receiving numerous streams of apology from those advisers living in the White House, as well as people outside the building who have been lobbying for months for himself or his clients.

The expectation among allies is that Trump will issue a pardon that he may benefit from the presidency.

A source familiar with the matter said, “Everything is a transaction. He apologizes because it is one-sided. And he likes to do people a favor. He feels that he would be grateful.”

New York Times: Trump's allies have collected thousands of dollars from apologists

Salomon Melgen pardon possible

A prominent eye doctor from Palm Beach, Florida, jailed after being convicted in dozens of health care fraud cases. Salomon Melgen is currently expected to be included in the amnesty list, three sources tell CNN.

Melgen, who is notable for being a co-conspirator in a sacked corruption case against Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, was sentenced to 17 years in 2018 for health care fraud.
While his name surprised some Trump allies given the president’s attitude toward Menendez, Melgen is seen as a wealthy and influential figure in South Florida. The corruption case against Menendez and Melgen was dropped by the Justice Department in January 2018.

Inside the White House, there has been a scuffle on behalf of allies and advocacy groups to petition for pardon and names can be added and removed until the last minute, sources say.

CNN previously reported that pardon requests from Trump’s allies, lobbyists, and others during Trump’s final days in office have been crushed in hopes of cashing in on loyalty to Trump. The New York Times reported on Sunday that some of those people were being paid thousands of dollars from the lobby in hopes of hooliganism for forgiveness.

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