Source – Indianapolis Colts der der RB Marlon Mc Toe Achliss

Marlon Mack did not play in the back half of the game Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars due to an ankle injury and Indianapolis feared the running had taunted his Akilis, a source told ESPN’s Adam Shere Told.

Mack suffered an injury after catching an under pass in the second quarter. He immediately grabbed his ankle, got up and took off his helmet before waving for help from the Colts sideline. The Colts brought a car to the sideline and drove Mack to the locker room. He left the game with four catches for 26 yards and three catches for 30 yards.

Mack, who rushed for a career-high 1,091 yards in 2019, missed at least two games in his first three seasons with the Colts. The team did not offer Mack a contract extension during the offseason.

There is no problem in running back for Colt. Nyheim Hines, who had two touchdowns in the first half, and Rocky Jonathan Taylor, became the primary running backs after Mack left the game. The Colts also have Jordan Wilkins.