Sorry, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, your & # 39; minority privilege & # 39; it's no secret anymore | United States news

SUBWAYInorities of the world, gather around, I have bad news. The template is up; We have been twisted Although I know we have all been trying to keep our "minority privilege" a secret, the whitest minds in the United States have gathered their heads and discovered us.

On Thursday, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham complained about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and how she benefits from a widespread but little-discussed phenomenon called "minority privilege."

Fox News talks about Ocasio-Cortez every five minutes, but this particular outburst was due to the fact that she had posted a tweet noting that many people have recognized that the network "has crossed a line beyond conservatism and has become absolute fanaticism with its funding from Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham."

She added: "Tucker finances the [Daily Caller] who posted false bads of me. "

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Ingraham was offended to be called a fanatic and, in an episode of The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast, he was angry about the fact that you can not say anything racist these days without people calling it racist. Ocasio-Cortez, he argued, was guilty of "minority privilege" in his criticism of Fox News.

"How about the privilege of being a protected member of a clbad you can never criticize, so they do not call you a racist?" He asked. The fact that conservatives are obsessed with criticizing Ocasio-Cortez seems to have overlooked her; Self-awareness is not really your strong point.

Now, I do not want to brag or anything, but as a half-Palestinian bad I have a fairly high score on the Official Oppression Scale ™. However, I will not use my minority privilege to call Ingraham racist.

I do not want to be divisive when mentioning uncomfortable facts, after all. No, I want to keep things in order and remind you that nobody in the United States is racist anymore.

As you may have noticed, racism went extinct a long time ago, now people simply say things stained or racially charged or run into "Racial controversies". Sometimes they make "inflammatory statements" or, if they are Roseanne, they take Ambien and suffer unfortunate racist side effects, but they are not really racist.

No, as Ingraham and his colleagues have realized, what is really racist are all the privileges that minorities obtain. Like the month of black history! And Black Entertainment Television! Even blacks are allowed to say the word N when nobody else is. Why do we never talk about that?

Yes, I hate to say it, but Ingraham has something to do with this privilege of the minority. Once you ignore all the facts, it is very clear that minorities are having a great time in the United States. In fact, my minority card gives me a 15% discount on several leading retailers, while my wife's card only gives me a 10% discount. This is why intersectionality is so important, people.

  • This story was updated on January 19 to include the complete Ocasio-Cortez tweet. In an email to The Guardian on Friday, a spokesman for Fox News said: "Tucker Carlson does not fund The Daily Caller in any way, nor does he have any role at all in his editorial operations." She would have known if she had bothered to check it. "

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