‘Sopranos’ Prequel Movie ‘Many Saints of Newark’ Is Head of Fall – Deadline

Warner Bros. moving forward Sopranos Prequel pic Many saints of newark 12 March to 24 September. New line is being released.

Remember, WarnerMedia announced that its entire 2021 slate is moving to theatrical and HBO Max at the same time, but big chains like AMC are negotiating on a film-by-film basis. So it means that Warner is not releasing everything Warner will play theaters that open coast-to-coast. It seems that would be understandable Saints It is completely ripe for HBO Max as it is a prequel to the Emmy-winning HBO mob series. However, Saints Greenery also existed two years before the streaming service as a theatrical release. One step to september posts Saints A time of year when more theaters will potentially be open, not to mention, it also takes the film into consideration for the 2021-22 awards season. Most of the first quarter distributors are delaying theatrical releases or keeping them directly in-house.

Alan taylor directs Many saints of newark From a script by Sopranos Producers David Chase and Lawrence Conner. Chase, Conner and Nicole Lambert are producing. James Gandolfini’s son, Michael Gandolfini, plays the younger version of Tony Soprano, a Jersey played by his father. Alessandro Nivola is Dickie Moltisanti, Billy Magnusuni is Pauli Walnuts, Corey Stoll Jr. soprano and John Magaro Silvio Dante. The cast also includes Leslie Odom Jr., John Bernthal, Michela de Rossi, John Magro, Ray Liotta and Vera Farmiga.

First reported on Variety Saints’ Release date change.

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