Sophie Turner makes makeup free in Jonas’ new Tickcock video – Hollywood Life

She is still recovering from giving birth to her daughter, but Sophie Turner still has time to pop up on her husband’s Tiktok, and she did so without makeup on her face.

A makeup-free Sophie turner TikTok came in that Joe Jonas Posted on 10 September. In the short clip, 31-year-old DNCE singer sits on the couch next to Sophie, 24 Omega“Pegao” plays. Joe starts off with a beat, completely picking up on Omega’s vibe. He turns to his wife, and suddenly, game of Thrones The star is hitting her head on the track. And – that was it. In terms of TikToks, it is not the most dynamic there, but it was considered seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Willa, It is still a big deal.

Since welcoming Will on July 22, Sophie has maintained a low-profile. She has been seen only once in public. He and Joe set out for a walk around their neighborhood in Los Angeles on September 4, hand in hand. Sophie felt as if she had lost the weight of the child by wearing a striped top, white pants and a black facemask. Joe, sporting the blond makeover seen in his Tiktok, went with an oversized hoodie and shorts combo.

Earlier, Sophie, the first real look at post-baby, came via Joe’s Instagram Story in the first week of August. Joe and Sophie sat on the couch and took a picture using the “Vogue Challenge” IG filter. The two gave a pose, in which Sophie covered her face with her hand. “Wear the mask. Tea,” which was photographed.

A then pregnant Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas out and about L.A. on March 4, 2020. (ConejoMalo / BACKGRID)

“Sophie Turner and Jo Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their child,” the couple said in a statement, released on July 27, giving the couple their bundle of joy. The couple – who were married after the Billboard Awards in May 2019 (and again, in an official ceremony, in June 2019) – never officially confirmed the pregnancy report, which began popping up at the beginning of the year , But when Sophie left for a short walk in May, she could not deny it at any time. With his collision throughout the scene, it was clear that he and Joe had started a family. A few months later, he was the proud parent of a beautiful girl.

An insider reported that since giving birth, Sophie and Zoya have been “super vigilant” for their baby’s health Hollywoodlife Specially. The COVID-19 pandemic still continues, and the couple is not taking any chances. Insiders say, “Joe” can’t wait for all his friends to meet his baby girl, “but, right now, they’re not making friends … they’re extra careful and protective about becoming friends. Kids ‘S immune system still needs to mature. “For now, the insider says it is” strictly family “when it comes to Will.