Soo’s bird contrasts Megan Rapinoe between women’s football, the W.N.B.A.

Seattle Storm point guard and 2020 WNBA champion Soo Bird reiterated remarks made by his girlfriend, football standout Megan Rapinoe, about the US women’s basketball team being more public than the US women’s basketball team and the WNBA in an interview with CNN The support seems to enjoy it. Aired on Saturday.

Bird, speaking to CNN’s “World Sport” Don Riedel, asked for Repino’s remarks in an October 5 article in a player’s tribune, in which he called the US Women’s Soccer Team to win the Women’s World widely Talked about receiving praise. In 2019, there was less attention to women’s basketball, and vice versa. Rapinoe wrote that the alleged demographics of the games were a primary reason.

When asked by Riedel to summarize it, Bird said, “To be completely blunt, but also such simple, soccer players are usually pretty little girls. And I think basketball players , We are all shapes and sizes.

“It’s 70-80% of black women, a lot of gay women. We’re tall; we’re big. And I think that’s probably the scare factor with it. People talk about it, judge it, hurry up. Ready for. Down. And football, you just don’t see how they look. ”

Bird and the Seattle Storm won the WNBA Championship on October 6 at Bubbles in Bradenton, Florida. It was Bird’s fourth WNBA title, and also has four Olympic gold medals. Rapinoe spent the summer in the bubble with Bird. They are a couple since 2016.

Rapinoe wrote in his excerpt for The Players Tribune that the players of the American women’s national team in football were considered “straight, handsome, handsome, suburban white girls” next door. This is not really us – the racial diversity of the WNT. Though where it should not be yet, it is improving every year. And, you know, breaking news … I’m gay. But large and, this is the assumption. And that’s definitely how we’re doing a lot. People. ”

Riedel asked Bird if the WNBA needed to market in the same way that Rapinoe described marketing of football. Bird, who turned 40 on Friday and has been in the WNBA since 2002, said he was part of a similar “girl-next-door” marketing approach that the league tried years ago. But he said that does not represent a lot of the league’s personnel. Bird has also stated in the past about how limited and limited women’s sports are.

“The problem is not marketing per se,” Bird told CNN. “The problem is how society and the outside world is willing to accept the pretty girl next door, but not willing to accept, or embrace, or judge these basketball players who are black, Are homosexual.

“It’s like me, where the problem is. Where I think I learned during that whole process that you have to be who you are. You have to know who you are and be authentic.

“We [the WNBA] We are representing everyone. We are representing every day the values ​​we want to pursue in our world. And I think you can go to bed at night and sleep knowing well that you are true to yourself, and that is more important than anything. ”


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