Sony’s PS5 and Samsung’s high-def curved screens are a match made in gamer’s paradise.

Sony waited to reach a fever pitch before releasing its new PlayStation game console, the PS5. Naturally, the exterior gets a makeover – it is taller and more spectacularly dramatic than its predecessor – but certainly it is in that sense. For the new unit, Sony swaps the PS4’s main storage hard drive for solid-state drives (SSDs) at nearly 100 times faster.

In addition to contributing to innovative computing, storage and data-compression technology, SSD accelerates visual presentation at a rate of 120 frames per second and also introduces ray tracing – which gamers believe is the hallowed grill of graphics tech. Originally, it is a digital-rendering technology used by feature films that encapsulates and tracks every ray of light – even from multiple sources – producing life-saving textures and mind-blowing shadows. to do. Until the PS5, no console had the power to play it. Add a Tempest 3-D audio engine, and the developers are promising the game will be not just more immersive – with smarter AI, more dynamic graphics and better physics – but will unlock completely new concepts in the gameplay.

Just how good is it? A teased clip from the game NBA 2K21 will entice you to court after watching the sweat drops of star Geon Williamson. Sony expects the PS5, costing $ 499, to ship in time for the holidays. MOP is not included.

Set curve

So you’ve gone to the trouble of getting the latest and greatest gaming system. But is your performance up to the challenge? For the best in purpose-built gaming monitors, look no further than Samsung’s ($ 1,700) new 49-inch Odyssey G9, a leader in quantum light-emitting diode (QLED) TVs that optimize color range and brightness is. This is the largest display of its kind on the market, basically improving the widescreen experience of twin 27-inch displays. And the screen’s dramatically curved shape matches the arc of the human eye, which not only plunges you into the action, but also causes less optic strain when battling the zombie crowd for hours (or days) at the end There is a very important benefit.

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