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Sony Xperia XZ Premium gets a price cut of $ 150 at Best Buy

One of Sony's flagship products of 2017, the Xperia XZ Premium, is already on sale for less than $ 600. Originally launched on the market for $ 800, the price of the smartphone dropped to $ 700 in August.

However, for a limited time, Sony Xperia XZ Premium is available to buy for only $ 550 at Best Buy. Customers can choose from any of the three colors listed in the US retailer. US: Bronze Pink, Chrome Luminous and Deepsea Black.

If you order one today, the phone must be sent before December 4th. By the way, the shipping is free according to Best Buy. However, there is something you should keep in mind: the phone will not work with Sprint, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile or any other CDMA provider.

Even if it is unlocked, you can only use it with AT & T and T-Mobile, or any other GSM company in the country. In general, this seems like a big deal for a top-notch Sony smartphone if you're looking to buy one, so act fast as the deal probably ends quickly.

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