Sony will send you a PS4 PSVR headset (plus Skyrim) to try it for free, if selected –

Sony will send you a PS4 PSVR headset (plus Skyrim) to try it for free, if selected


As we move away from the PlayStation VR launch last year, it has become more difficult to find retailers that offer demo units. That effectively means that your only chance to try PSVR without buying one is to have a friend who has the handset. That is changing, with Sony offering to send a demonstration unit directly to the home of the selected owners of PlayStation 4. [ Update: It seems that the promotion has proved popular and was offered to more people than Sony had units available. Those who still try to obtain a demonstration unit are being rejected.]

Sony began sending emails to select PS Plus members, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion. In addition to the headset, the test package includes a PlayStation camera (the other necessary component, plus a PS4), two PlayStation Move controls, a copy of Skyrim VR and a demo disc. You must supply the PS4.

These test units are essentially available as a free two-week rental. To receive one, you must provide Sony with a credit card number, which will charge you $ 300 if you do not return it after 14 days. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the package for $ 300 if you enjoy the experience, an excellent offer, considering that this Skyrim package costs $ 450 normally.

According to the official terms and conditions, only a total of 1,400 PSVR units are available, and this promotion will only be present during a part of December. It is possible that Sony can expand these plans and offer them again in the future; We continue with the company to get more information about their plans.

PlayStation VR originally debuted in October 2016; You can check our PSVR review for our opinions, as well as our impressions on whether you should play Skyrim in virtual reality. Sony delivered an updated version of the PSVR this October, which made some minor adjustments (such as allowing HDR to pbad through the external processor unit), but left the overall experience intact. It is this updated CUH-ZVR2 model that is available through the new promotion.

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