Sony wants to send you a PlayStation VR demo unit: here are the requirements: CULTURE: Tech Times –

Sony wants to send you a PlayStation VR demo unit: here are the requirements: CULTURE: Tech Times


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Sony has just launched a demonstration program that allows PlayStation Plus members to receive a PSVR package, complete with a game, a disc of demonstration, controllers and more. If they want it, they will keep it at a very low price.
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Sony wants people to try their virtual reality headsets for free by sending them directly to their homes. This is perhaps the most important effort to put the VR headsets in the hands of people, or more appropriately, tied to their heads.

As part of a new program, interested buyers of PSVR will be able to test the system in the security of their own home. If they discover that it is not for them, they can easily return it to Sony, without damage.

PlayStation VR Demo Program

The program, however, is only open to certain customers, especially PlayStation Plus members in the United States. PlayStation Plus is the company's premium membership service, for those who do not know it.

It seems that Sony will be in charge of the selection process and will send the selected players a special registration code that allows them to reserve a "test package" of the PSVR. This package includes the following: a PSVR headset, a PlayStation camera, PlayStation Move controllers, a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and a PSVR demo disc. These are the same things that are included with the recently released PSVR package Skyrim which costs $ 449.99.

Sony considers that those who are considered eligible and decide to participate will have a credit card. It will put it on hold and send the package quickly, which users will keep for a few weeks.

Those who do not return the package after the determined period will have a charge of $ 299.99 and will be allowed to stay forever. , which is actually an excellent deal compared to the similar PSVR Skyrim Package that is much more expensive.

PlayStation VR Demo program requirements

There are several terms and conditions to consider, however, such as the age requirements, the trial period and others. Be sure to press the link to read them all thoroughly. It is worth noting that Sony will only provide the PSVR package, not the PS4 console itself.

The promotion will be available from December 1 through December 14 and will be limited to 1,400 PlayStation Plus members only. At the time of writing, it seems that the program is now complete and Sony has closed the records.

PlayStation VR

The PSVR was originally released in 2016 as the official VR headset for PS4 consoles. Since then, Sony delivered an updated iteration, implementing minor but very necessary improvements, such as the transfer of HDR with the external processing unit. This is the model that is included in the promotion, by the way.

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