Sony looks beyond the PS4

But do not wait for a new console before 2020 Sony says it's the beginning of the end of the PS4

The era of the PS4 is entering its final stages. Speaking to investors, PlayStation boss John Kodera outlined the company's three-year roadmap, and it looks like console sales will not be the main source of revenue in the future. This is due to the decrease in sales, which is, according to Kodera, typical of the usual benefit and the life cycle of the consoles. It also suggests that a new console might be on the way, probably the PS5, but Kodera did not elaborate. It is likely that some years are still missing. In the same report, Kodera noted that Fortnite despite its status as a free game, is paying dividends for the game console, with enough in-game purchases and downloads to have a tangible effect on Revenue from PSN. This is how they catch you.

And no more premium pbades, yes! & # 39; Battlefield V & # 39; returns to World War II with multiplayer games in constant evolution

Games in the franchise Battlefield have covered conflicts from the Vietnam War to a fictional future in 2142. EA DICE took the series to a new territory in 2016 with the well received Battlefield 1 establishing the game in the rarely touched World War I. For Battlefield V (let's not talk about the naming convention), things go back to where the franchise started: World War II. DICE expects Battlefield V to tell some of the untold stories of the second great war, linking them to a constantly changing multiplayer experience aimed at keeping players fighting and playing. Oh, and you will not have to pay for the privilege of the new content either. It's a May miracle! Jamie Rigg immerses himself deeply in the latest reinvention of Battlefield .

Advanced functions while using less power. Snapdragon 710 will add flagship features to mid-range phones

Later this year, mid-range phones with Snapdragon 710 inside can be expected to be ready for features last year, limited to high-end devices . That means that AI processing, 4K and HDR videos will receive a boost, and more mobile devices will be able to handle Augmented Reality tricks in the Animoji style. And, with Quick Charge 4+, you can return to 50 percent in just 15 minutes.

This is not how this works. The interesting afternoon of Elon Musk

During a tweetstorm, the CEO criticized the press for its recent coverage of Tesla, including a condemnatory report from Reveal on factory safety. As a result, Roberto Baldwin's latest editorial is about how CEOs should handle criticism, and not about how Tesla has finally met its Model 3 production goals.

It's like a personal, legal Aereo. Dish's new AirTV broadcasts-air channels to all its devices

Dish just launched an even more ambitious $ 120 AirTV (the previous device is now the AirTV Player), a domestic server that connects to your antenna and transmit OTA content to all your devices. Even better, it will also allow you to watch live television when you are away from home.

Applies only to batteries replaced on iPhone 6 or later. Apple offers $ 50 credit if it paid for a new iPhone battery last year

After admitting that the processing speed of iPhones was slower, Apple discounted its out-of-warranty battery replacements. But if you paid to replace the battery in 2017 for iPhone 6 or later devices, the technology giant offers you a $ 50 credit. Terms and conditions apply: the replacement battery must have been purchased at a service location. authorized & # 39 ;, and spare batteries purchased for warranty phones do not qualify.

Your nostalgia may vary.

& # 39; Knights and Bicycles "captures childhood in the 80s England

Knights and Bikes is a game about friendship, adventure and a county in the south west corner of England called Cornwall. Game of Crowle and his Foam Sword partner Anthony "Moo" Yu and revolves around two girls, Nessa and Demelza, who live on an island inspired by Cornwall in 1987.

You can play alone or cooperatively with a friend. on your bike or running like a lunatic, you'll go through the staples of Cornwall, including port cities, caravan sites and abandoned amusement parks, all your powers are charmingly pedestrian, a frisbee toss or a water balloon at the moment Timing, for example, can send enemies from a distance.As you explore the world, you will also see the imagination of the girls painted on the environment.A wire fence, for example, can be You will deploy with fantasy parapets and arrows that fall impotent by your side. Everything was done with charm in a style of painting in the style of cartoons. Nick Summers outlined the two creators behind him.

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