Sony is reportedly using air freight to take PlayStation 5 to US retailers

The use of premier transit may be due to factors including longer production time requirements, higher demand, COVID-19

Sony is reportedly using air freight to ship PlayStation 5 units to meet demand for hardware.

This comes from an interview between Chinese outlet Caxon and Delta China Cargo Manager with a translation and reference shared by Nikko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed on Twitter.

According to its translation, Sony has booked 60 flights or 60 individual aircraft – it is unclear which consortium is to be served to American retailers starting in October with Delta Airlines.

Although no further details are available, the decision to use more expensive air cargo instead of sea transportation may be the result of several factors, including issues related to longer production time or lockdown related to COVID-19 – or likely Unknown future lockdown – of ports.

Earlier today, Sony said that it had not cut production numbers for the PS5 as it began mass production of the system, in response to a report that it could reduce its number four due to the complexities of making a key component Million was reduced.