Sony gaming chief says PS5 will be sold without COVID-19

According to Ryan, the biggest issue due to the epidemic was pre-production. Due to travel and other restrictions, “we had to remotely prepare all construction by camera,” he said. “I mean, just the PlayStation 5 for a precision device like the spec.”

Ryan expressed relief at the console’s success during a difficult year, but eventually stated that the product and sales potential would have been the same even if people were not at home. “The way we took it to market might have been a little different, but the actual product would have been the same.” “We may have something else to sell, but not too much; People on the production / manufacturing side have done wonders. “

He said Sony is taking a wait-and-see attitude on Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax, including studios such as Bethesda and ID software. However, it seems that the company plans to take some action in response to Microsoft’s Game Pass. “There’s actually some news to come, but not today,” he reported TASS.

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