Sony closes Japan Studio to focus on Astro’s Playroom team

Sony has confirmed that Japan Studio, its Tokyo-based in-house video game developer, will basically loosen up and go back to focusing on a single team. In a statement to IGN, Japan Studio said that as of April 1 it would be “re-focused on Team Asobi, the creative team behind Astro Game Room, allowing the team to focus on a single vision and take advantage of the popularity of Astro Game Room. “In other words, prepare for more Star games.

Astro Game Room is a well-received title that ships with all PlayStation 5 consoles. It is a 3D platformer designed to showcase advanced haptic feedback from the new DualSense controller. Before that, the same team developed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, widely regarded as the featured PlayStation VR exclusive title.

VGC He previously reported today that the “vast majority” of Japan Studio’s staff were laid off due to Sony refusing to renew their annual contracts, which run until the end of the fiscal year on March 31. Some staff members are said to have been reassigned to Team Asobi, while others are joining Bokeh, a new studio founded by Silent Hill Y Gravity rise director Keiichiro Toyama.

While the Asobi team’s work to date is acclaimed, Japan Studio has been an important part of Sony’s PlayStation development efforts for decades. He created series like The Monkey Escape, Patapon, Y Loco Roco, while also helping with the development of titles such as Bloodborne Y The last guardian. Before leaving last year, Toyama led a division that was responsible for the Siren Y Gravity rise games.

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