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Sonos announces new colors for Sonos One Speaker in September

Sonos today announced the upcoming debut of new color options for the Sonos One speaker, which will be released in addition to the current black and white colors of the device. Created in collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY, the Sonos One will be available in red, yellow and green in September 2018.

Although not specifically mentioned, the announcement of the new speaker colors also includes an image with a light pink speaker, so additional colors may also appear. The update focuses on the new colors and does not appear to include any changes or revisions to other features of Sonos One, but the price will increase to $ 229 / £ 229 / € 259, from $ 199 / £ 199 / € 229 (through The Verge ).

Inspired by the Danish company's 2018 color palette, the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition collection will offer customers a little higher personalization options for the latest Sonos loudspeaker, according to the representatives of both companies.

"Our speakers are not designed to draw attention but to integrate naturally in their environment," says the vice president of design of Sonos, Tad Toulis. Even with the addition of colors to the Sonos product line in black and white, the new HAY Sonos One manages to maintain that aesthetic subtlety.

"These speakers deserve to be treated as furniture: strong, independent objects that adapt to different needs and spaces," Hay says. Taking advantage of HAY's unique color approach, this limited-edition collection fully realizes the Sonos philosophy of sonic architecture and harmonizes the ability of both brands to create products that can transform a home.

Sonos announced and launched the Sonos One in October 2017, placing the speaker as a participant in the market of intelligent loudspeakers in constant growth. In January, the same day that orders were placed in advance for Apple's HomePod, Sonos released a package that included two Sonos One speakers for $ 349 / £ 349, saving customers $ 50 and directly matching the price of $ 350. of HomePod.

Sonos says that today's announcement is just the beginning of their collaboration with HAY, so users can expect more colorful Sonos devices on the line. THERE are Sonos One will debut this September at Sonos.com and at Sonos flagship stores in New York, London and Berlin, and at HAY House in Copenhagen.


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