Something starts early for ‘Black Friday’ as these retailers are closing for Thanksgiving Holiday

As retailers move to the holidays, in contrast to recent years, many have spent their time on Thanksgiving Day to accommodate their employees working during the coronovirus epidemic or to take a new approach to the traditional holiday shopping season. Have decided to close the doors.

Below is a complete list of who is closed for Turkey Day and how they are restocking their Black Friday and holidaying this shopping season:

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Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group announced on Monday that it would close its retail properties for Thanksgiving Day to offer its employees a worthy break for their efforts during the coronovirus epidemic.

David Simon, chairman and CEO of Simon Property Group, said in a press release on Monday, “In these challenging times, we decided that we would not open on Thanksgiving Day, rather than allow our partners to spend a holiday with their loved ones. “

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SPG Simon Property Group Inc. 67.80 3.65 + 5.69%

The company noted that its assets will remain open on Black Friday. No additional information regarding Black Friday sales or other holiday deals has been announced.

Home depot

In addition to following its long-standing tradition of being closed for Thanksgiving Day, Home Depot announced on September 9 that it would curb its Black Friday sales, for two months to accommodate shoppers Will expand deals.

The company wrote in its website, “With the resumption of Black Friday, we are improving the shopping experience with your security.” “Say goodbye to a day of frenzied shopping and enjoy Black Friday savings in all seasons without stress and crowds.”

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HD Home department congress 280.65 4.32 + 1.56%

Both in-store and online sales will begin in early November and run until December.

The company is offering free shipping on over 1 million items, which it hopes will give customers more flexibility with in-store pickup or home delivery options.

Additionally, for the first time, the company’s mobile app will give users “exclusive access” to online deals in November.


Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass said on August 18 the company’s second-quarter earnings said it would close its doors on Thanksgiving Day this year, stating that “none like the holiday season.”

“COVID is changing all aspects of customer expectations, and we are changing our plans in response. To begin, we have decided not to be open on Thanksgiving Day, allowing more of our partners to stay home with their families Stay in, ”” Girard said.

He said that Kohl’s “is making adjustments across all our channels to drive and capture projected holiday demand starting in October” and will offer deals on its website so customers can get ahead of their holiday shopping online .

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KSS KOHL Corp 23.37 2.04 + 9.56%

Girard said Kohl will emphasize “Cozy and Comfort”, along with its home category, as well as children’s toys. The company will expand its “curated by Kohl’s” platform to 300 stores, with exciting and interesting brands such as Paper Source, Candy Club UB and Corpspool.

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best Buy

Best Buy announced plans to end its Thanksgiving day on July 28 in an effort to address the much-needed demand for the upcoming holiday season. Recently, the NPD Group estimated in its “Future of Tech” report that consumer technology sales would grow by a record 18% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to a year earlier. This could turn into a big holiday for Best Buy.

The company wrote in a blog post, “We can all agree that there have been different results in 2020 so far.” “And now, the Best Buy holiday season, including Thanksgiving Day, is going to look different.”

The company said it would increase the way it fulfills orders in this way, from offering more convenient pickup options at its stores to ensuring that orders from arrive on time. Best Buy will offer “some of the hottest deals of the season” compared to before, making it even easier for our customers to check their home listings.

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BBY best Buy 107.70 1.14 + 1.07%

While stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, customers can shop online at and through the Best Buy app.

The company said, “While this holiday season can certainly be different, we are once again ready for our customers to know how, when and where we need them at the most exciting time of the year.”


Target announced the closure of its Thanksgiving Day on July 27, as well as reports that deals would have to be launched in early October to prevent large crowds from gathering during the holiday rush.

“Let’s face it: Historically, hunting and holiday shopping can mean crowded events, and this is not a year for crowds,” Target said. “That’s why our biggest holiday deals will be available more than ever, so you can shop safely and easily without having to worry about the deals that usually come later in the season.”

The company said the move would offer “flexibility”, which would ensure shoppers typically face a limited window of time, who can take all advantage of the savings offered to the retailer.

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TGT Target Corp 148.44 0.79 + 0.54%

Although its stores would be closed during Turkey Day, the retailer promised that its deals would be shown before and after November 26.


Walmart announced the closure on July 21 on Thanksgiving Day, with an investment of $ 428 million in bonuses for its employees who worked during the coronovirus epidemic.

“We know that this has been a trying year, and has been carried forward by our colleagues. We hope they enjoy a special Thanksgiving Day at home with their loved ones, “said John Furner, Chief Executive Officer of Walmart US,” We are certainly grateful to our people for all their efforts. “

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WMT WalMART Inc. 137.32 0.62 + 0.45%

The company noted that store hours for Black Friday will be released at a later date.

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