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Some Tulsans outraged by Travis Scott fans after they caused chaos, damaged the BOK Center

Some Tulsans outraged by Travis Scott fans after they caused chaos, damaged the BOK Center (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – The same doors that welcomed millions of fans to the BOK Center had a brutal beating after rapper Travis Scott canceled his Tulsa show on Monday night.

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On Tuesday, the teams left early, quickly replacing the broken glass.

Sergeant Shane Tuell said it was a nightmare that the police did not expect to happen when the rapper canceled two hours before the show.

"BOK was caught off guard, they took us off guard and, more importantly, the crowd and their fans were caught off guard," Tuell said.

A video shows someone throwing something with enough force to break the glass on the building's door.

Another video shows the crowd charging in the front door shouting at the police and singing let us in.

This is something that Tuell said was the last thing they wanted to happen.

"If you have those guys inside, you only have a small area to escape and go back to safety," he said. "If those doors are used too much, a traffic jam will be created, people will get crushed and can suffer great injuries or even death when that happens."

The police put their training into practice and fired their pepperball guns to drive the crowd away from the building.

"I think what we did last night was extremely effective for everyone's safety," Tuell said. "It's what we train with the hope that we never have to use it, we had to use it and it worked very well, it's good to have that tool that allows us to have that reduction in scale so that no officer has to go to the crowd and make a arrest, we can worry about that later, but we were able to disperse the crowd without injury. "

Katrina Hamilton said it's disgusting to watch these videos.

"What happened last night should not have happened," he said.

Especially because he says it was not the BOK Center's fault.

"See millennials act like that, only my heart hurts," he said. "We have other artists who will come like Jeff Dunham on Thursday and it's as if this is not what Tulsa represents."

As most of these videos are filtered on the Internet, Hamilton decided that he would publish his own message on social networks.

"Have respect," she said.

She hopes that people will realize the seriousness of their actions.

The damage caused in the BOK Center is a criminal offense. The police said they are looking for those responsible.

Scott tweeted that he had to cancel his program due to production problems. He rescheduled his show at the BOK Center for March 26.

The BOK Center did not respond to the request for comments from Channel 8 on Tuesday.

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