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Some owners of Galaxy S9 now complain about crushed blacks

Some owners of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus recently connected online to report a problem with the Infinity Display panels of Samsung's latest Android devices, claiming that their phablets have trouble showing blacks. According to a limited number of accounts, certain Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus units are crushing their blacks, which is particularly obvious when viewing images and video clips that are mostly dark. Several users also claim that their phablets have problems showing a precise color gradient consisting of shades of black, which results in a somewhat pixelated image that does not make a smooth transition between the different degrees of color. The phenomenon known as color bands has never been a widespread problem with Samsung devices, but is often associated with defective OLED panels.

The scope of the new problems reported remains unclear, and accounts of those problems originally arose in mid-March, shortly after Samsung officially launched its latest flagships with Android. Most users who complain about problem screens have the Galaxy S9 Plus and not its smaller counterpart, while the color band phenomenon has not yet been observed and reported on any Galaxy S9 unit of 5.8. inches South Korea's original equipment manufacturer has not responded to complaints in a public capacity, although many users who returned their devices in the United Kingdom and the United States claim that the company acknowledged that they were defective and agreed to replace them. As the initial reports on the matter arose almost a month ago and did not provoke any public communication on the part of Samsung, it is presumed that the problem only affects a small number of users.

It is understood that the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus are selling worse than their predecessors and it is also believed that they had a lower performance in terms of pre-orders compared to the Galaxy S8 line. It is reported that Samsung is considering launching the Galaxy Note 9 before its traditional debut at the end of August due to this situation, as the company wants to avoid a scenario in which its ultrapremium offers lose momentum in the run up to the presentation of new Apple iPhone models this fall. The Galaxy S9 family is expected to be the best selling Android device series of the year, but its chances of selling more than the previous line, which reached more than 37 million consumers worldwide, are reduced day by day, according to the recent accounts of industry insiders.

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