Some of the free agent signatories of the 49ers have already chosen the shirt numbers

The Seattle Seahawks signed former 49ers defensive end Cbadius Marsh for a one-year contract on Thursday, the team announced.

Seattle wrote the UCLA product in the fourth round of the 2014 draft. Marsh played with the Seahawks for three seasons and was traded to the New England Patriots in September 2017.

The Patriots eliminated it a little over two months later, and the 49ers claimed it on November 22, 2017. Last month, the 49ers chose a non-binding option in Marsh's two-year contract, only to release it a week later . Dee Ford's trade.

Marsh ambaded 7.5 of his 11.5 sacks in his career with the 49ers, including 5.5 last season. He also forced four fumbles, recorded 23 quarterback hits and 18 tackles for a loss in five NFL seasons.

The return to Seattle is welcomed by Marsh and his girlfriend, who has just given birth to their first child.

"It's a special safe place," Marsh told "There are many positive things about coming back here, my girl, her parents are from here, that's where she is from, we just had a son, so having that support is huge for us. I'm pretty excited. "

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Marsh received some criticism from New England fans when he criticized "Patriot Way" in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. On the contrary, he said he appreciated the chemistry of the 49ers and the dressing rooms of the Seahawks.

"Personally I developed some ties that will last me the rest of my life," Marsh said of the first race with Seattle. "There are a lot of guys that I've played with here that I kept in touch with and really love as brothers, so it means a lot to go back to the place I started in. I love these fans and the coaches."

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