Some of Portland’s marchers regret the attack on Dame headquarters, Biden’s anti-graffiti: report

“This is the worst (exceptive) march I’ve ever attended!” According to a report, a Portland, Ore. A riot occurred on March 1 during the inauguration day protest.

Dozens of black-clad Antifa activists and anarchists faced a shutdown against police and vandalism in the southeastern part of the city with anti-Biden graffiti on Wednesday with the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters, a genuine surprise of the group’s purpose Was.

“Who set it (Exceptive)?” reported that another marper questioned the megaphone as dissidents staged protests.

“We don’t have leaders,” was the reported reply.


Many rioters expressed their disdain for the police as well as the new president.

A tweet from the PNW Youth Liberation Front Twitter page The opening day rally was called “F — The STATE. F — BIDEN. LANDBACK. F — 12.” Advertised as. The tweet was still current until early Friday, although Twitter banned this account. (“F — 12” refers to the police.)

Organizers also discouraged live streaming or “peace police”.

The march was one of several that popped up in Portland and Seattle as President Biden took the oath of office in Washington on Wednesday.

The group also put up a banner with a picture of a gun stating, “We don’t want Biden – we want to avenge police killings, imperialist wars and fascist massacres.”

In March, those who grew to around 200, shouted slogans such as “No good cop, no good president!” And “Black Life Matter!”

In early March, protesters immediately clashed with police and attempted to take an officer’s bicycle, which was quickly recovered.

The Portland Police Bureau said it announced to the loudspeaker, “Officers in the area of ​​the Revolution Hall persuade people to carry an officer’s bicycle and throw objects that had overtaken the officers. All those in Revolution Hall Reminded to obey. “

“Roads in the area remain open for vehicular traffic and no permission has been given for the use of roadways in the area. Pedestrians and protesters must comply with all traffic laws and use sidewalks. To follow this direction Failure to act may result in a citation or arrest. “

Eventually, they ended up in another skirmish with police in the parking lot near a high school after not knowing where they were, according to Oregon.

At least 2 portal professors have been given the history of the youngest parts.

“I don’t know where (Exclusive) I’m going, but I don’t give one (Exceptive),” a 20-year-old marcher allegedly shouted as the group tried to escape a police barricade.

She told OregonLive that she was marching to remind people that she doesn’t want people to forget “Black Life Matter” because former President Trump has stepped down.

Another marker stated that he was rallying because “Black life is (exploitative) matter. Injustice. It’s time to be.”

As the group reached a freeway ramp one person wondered where they were going while another complained that it was the worst march they had attended.

Shortly thereafter, a woman said, “It’s not about rioting if it’s not going to happen,” as some in the group allegedly began indiscriminately hitting the windows of Oregon’s Democratic Party and calling it anti-Biden Tagged with language.

Some of the group were disheartened by the destruction and left the rioters.

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Police said they caught up with rioters in the parking lot near the high school and arrested at least eight for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and reckless burning.

The march, like Wednesday, has disappointed police reform activists and Black Lives Matter members who say the insensitive violence and destruction has led to the withdrawal of the movement against police brutality and turned people against the movement.

According to OregonLive, many of those activists distanced themselves from the rioters and condemned the violence.

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