Some Americans mark July 4 with protests

Protests by a group called Refuse Fascism were planned for the day in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

It would be a family scene, as protests have occurred in nearly every major city in the country since George Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis police custody in April.

About 50 protesters with Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter signs marched on the Dale Mabry Freeway and blocked traffic Saturday in Tampa, Florida, police said.

The videos posted on social media corroborated an official statement from Tampa Police spokeswoman Vanessa Nettingham.

Protesters along the Riverwalk in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

In Pittsburgh, the counter-protesters appeared at a boat parade held in support of President Donald Trump.

Pittsburgh Public Safety did not report violence, arrests or injuries in the opposing protest events that lasted just over two hours in the Riverwalk area along the Monongahela River, according to its official Twitter page.

Trump supporters and counter-protesters were “yelling and cursing each other,” but there was no violence, according to Pittsburgh Public Safety, which urged people to avoid the area.

Protesters stopped traffic at times, closing the Hot Metal Bridge at one point during the protests, according to Pittsburgh Public Safety.

“Public Safety respects and will continue to respect everyone’s First Amendment rights. However, throwing or dropping objects or suspending signs from bridges is prohibited and will result in immediate arrest. Stay safe, everyone,” said Pittsburgh Public Safety in a tweet.

Pittsburgh Public Safety classified the counter-protest groups as small on its Twitter page and reported “several pro-Trump boaters” on the river, but declined to provide an official crowd estimate to CNN.

The political group Trump Team PA organized the “Parade and salute to the first responders of July 4 of Trump” and promoted the event for several weeks on social networks.

In Seattle, two women were seriously injured early Saturday morning when a car landed on the shoulder of a closed section of Interstate 5 where protesters were standing, police said.

The suspect in what is called a “tragic accident” is now in custody and facing multiple felony charges, Capt. Ron Mead of the Washington State Patrol said during a press conference.

CNN’s Artemis Moshtaghian and Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.